Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Postpartum Collection

3 weeks have gone by since my baby exited this body. 3 more weeks and I can start exercising again and start trying to make another baby. I'm kidding about the latter of course.

I pulled this spearmint pleated skirt out of my shop to wear to my sisters 40th bday party this weekend. And I will not be putting it back in. It's nice to have a garment other than a dress that fits. Everything is thrifted except for my shoes.

Went thrifting today for the first time in a long time and found some jeans for myself. Shock! Jeans. I just need to style them now. I'm really feeling the wedge sneakers that are out right now. Going to get some Steve Madden ones soon with my birthday money, that is, if they are comfortable....


  1. ONly 3 weeks, wowwwwwwwwwwww You are doing soooooooooooooo weel, my dear Sophia.

  2. Yay! The OG Sophia is back! My friend is attending an outdoor ranch wedding in the 100 weather and doesn't know what to wear. Can you help? You should get a Dear Abby type of column for fashion problems...

  3. congratulations! I love the skirt!

  4. love the outfit mija. the color suits you. i can't believe it has been 3 weeks already, man time flies. oh i want some sneaker wedges too, illse has some dope nike ones that i am dying to get,lol. besos to los3

  5. NO FRICKIN' WAY!! I was wearing my boyfriend's track pants for the first month after baby #1 ... I thought I would never have a waist again! You look utterly amazing babe - aye you better be careful coz Baby Daddy's gonna be getting ideas already! xoxox

  6. You look fabulous girl!!!! You don't look like you pushed out a kiddo at all.

  7. Ahhh it's good to hear from you again - CONGRATS NEW MUM!! Fantastic news, I hope you're having the best time :)
    As regards travelling Europe - take the little one with you! And wear that skirt, the fashion-crazed Italians will go gaga xx

  8. you look beautiful, i can't believe your little baby is 3 weeks old already. I adore this colour of green, it's so hard to find things in this perfect jade tone. I loved the look you styled on your friend in the last post too :)
    hope you and your little family are doing great!

  9. You look fantastic! I can't believe how fresh-faced and hot you look! x

  10. Hi! I like your skirt very much, love its color! What about follow each other? :-)

  11. Postpartum collection...LOL! I'm loving that bright, delicious hue on your skirt. I'm trying to think of what color green it is, but all I can think of it what you said: spearmint. Fantastic color and cut.

    That car show sounded like fun. Thanks for thinking of me, but I wouldn't have been able to go either. I've had too much to do lately. But I shouldn't be saying are the one with a baby :) Speaking of babies, aren't baby clothes so freaking CUTE? I kept some of my old baby clothes...hahahaha! That's probably creepy, but it's too pretty to give/throw away.

    PS. I think that is awesome that you also have freckles on your nose! I don't know very people that do, even less that are Mexicanas. I've always liked them. Unfortunately, people tend to cover them up with makeup. I'm like, pero PORQUE??? Son como estrellitas de la cara :)

    I'm also glad to hear that everyone came together for your baby shower! That's really good to hear.

    Talk to you soon, bonita!



  12. The colour of the skirt looks awesome on you I love how you've paired with a classic white top : )

    how's the baby? and how's being a baby momma?

  13. gorgeous outfit... good idea to keep the skirt.

  14. what up hot mama!!!!
    love those shoes & the green skirt is beautiful!

  15. Te vez super bien!
    Love your green falda.


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