Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm not a loser after all

Ok, so remember back in June, when I tweeted, commented, insta-gramed, and harassed the ish out of everyone to go and vote for me for Project Style? And then I lost by 20 votes? Well, it was all worth it in the end cause I made it to the next round after all due to YOUR votes. I was selected as the wild card winner as a result of having the 2nd highest total votes in the competition. So on Thursday I will be participating in the live style off at the mall where I will be given $200 dollars and 1 hour to shop and put an outfit together. Whoever wins the challenge gets a $1,000 dollar gift card to the mall and will have a chance to win a trip for 2 to New York fashion week. OMG I would die. Send me good vibes. I'm going to be so nervous! And I still can't move too fast, you know cause I gave birth just 2 weeks ago.

In other news....
I turned 28 on Friday. I didn't say a peep about my birthday on any social networks. It's been interesting to see since I havent had Fakebook for over 2 years now, who remembers your b-day. I'm not one of those people that gets hurt if a friend forgets my birthday. There are 364 more days in the year and a lot of other dates to remember, so I understand. I ended up having 3 cakes. My nina (godmother) brought me a tres leches cake, then my friend Maricela brought me a Coldstone ice cream cake! My family came over for a BBQ on Sunday so I made another ice cream cake so I wasn't just serving half eaten cakes. Everyone got to hold our baby, she stayed asleep all day being carried in everyone's arms. My sister said it was a "sip and see" I guess from Real Housewives, if you watch that, you know what it is. I wanted a champagne toast like Beyonce had in her hospital room after baby blue was born but everyone refused that idea. So, I got it for my b-day! yayyy.

Told you she slept most of the day.

My mom making one of her crazy toasts.


With my 3 cakes. The one in the middle I made. To make your own ice cream cake, buy a box of cake, bake it in 2 round pans. Thaw your ice cream. Lay down one layer of cake, spread ice cream, put the next layer on top, and frost. Put in freezer until time to serve and eat. Easy as cake.

I'm so full of words today, aren't I? Ok one last thing. Thanks to everyone who congratulated us on the birth of our bebe. And a special thanks for you guys for saying I still look nice after giving birth. I had obviously cleaned myself up the day we took that photo. Here is a more accurate representation of how I looked in the hospital/look now on a daily basis.

My new daily look, minus the wheelchair.

I hope I made someone out there LOL,

-Your newest baby mama


  1. Happy birthday mom! :) My birthday is tmmr...Im having a mini life crisis but thats ok! and congrats on winning! it just goes to show you that the june event wasnt in vain!

  2. i laughed! i laughed! do i get a give-away now? glad you had fun on Sunday. good luck on Thursday!

  3. Congratulations! It might be a good idea to have a game plan before you hit the mall....

  4. Sophia, congratulations on being the best runner-up Y Felicidadez on your 28th birthday ;-)
    That ice cream cake receipe sounds super easy I must try it, pero que rico Tres Leche that's my absolute favorito.


  5. belated happy birthday, honey! oh and congrats on the wild card. i wish you luckluckluck to win this contest.


  6. She is sooooooooooooo beautiful Sophia, just like her mum and dad.
    Feliz cumpleaños, guapa mamá.

  7. Oh God!!! I just come across your blog and see this wonderful new!! Congrats!


  8. YAY! So happy about the mall style off. You better work and get those NY tickets! And you are rocking that wheelchair.

  9. Happy Birthday sexy mumma! You're whole family is gorgeous :D Hope ya had a fab day! Oh my those cakes...*makes a note to buy ice cream AND cake on next supermarket trip* ;)

    Ayhs xoxo

  10. Oh look at you on your birthday you gorgeous mama:)). Three cakes and surrounded by the ones you love. The wheelchair shot - I love the pink Mexi vestido you wore - aye, that's how I look every morning, still after all these years, except you look 15 years old:)) xoxoxo

  11. Oooh, I love tres leches!!!! I want to be a latina so I can eat that ALL OF THE TIME. #jussayin

    And happy belated gorgeous, that baby of yours is a complete doll although I had no doubts that she wouldn't be. Recovery is rough- take your time and love on that gorgeous kid. It goes by so fast.

  12. oh man you are super cute even getting out of a wheelchair! your sochi is absolutely gorgeous and i love her name. congrats.

    and thanks for the quick lesson on ice cream cake; i totally want to make one now, i'm drooling. happy birthday mamacita!!!

  13. You are fan-fucking-tastic looking. I love the tongue peeking out of the corner of your mouth. It says, "Damn, can I make it all the way down to this chair?" also, "thank god this thing has wheels." Congrats again on the little burrito.


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