Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A thank you and a moo moo

Just a quick post to thank you all who have been voting for me for Project Style. I'm a bad campaigner so I appreciate all your help. I even got the end date of the competition wrong. I thought it was going to be the 20th but it's really the 30th! So 10 more days.

Please continue voting, vote once a day, spread the word. I was down today by 16 votes. The link again:

I don't have Facebook, but Lakota tells me you can log in with that. Otherwise you just sign up once with the site and then you can just log in every day. I have been so consumed with this competition I've almost killed my mom's flowers by not watering them. oops.

I wish you could have seen how hideous this dress was before I chopped 13 inches from the bottom. It was only a dollar so I didn't bother to hem it or anything. I liked the print. The lady at the post office liked it. That's all that matters. 

Keep voting! Thank you my dear friends who have been repping me, tweeting me, re-tweeting me, emailing me, ect. If you ever need anything on the internet, I'm here to help. 

Much love,

Linking this up to Lakota's Ta-dah Tuesday


  1. voting now !! love the dress


  2. I voted for you and will continue to do so, you are amazing!! I love your muu muu refashion and post office ladies love to have their days brightened up so I'm sure your outfit did the trick ... it did for me:)). xx

  3. Yay! I'll try and vote again for you if I'm allowed!
    That dress is fantastic on you, the colours are gorgeous and if it's good enough for the woman in the Post Office then it's a winner! xxx

  4. Estás guapa en ese vestido azul y seguiré votando.
    Allá voy, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. Love your short moo moo vestido, the Hawaiian colors are so pretty.The lady at the post office has good taste.
    Buddy and I will keep botando for you.

  6. Pretty much my favorite thing to do is seriously hem $1 dresses and make them adorable. LOVE. You look fab, m'dear.

    And yes! I will keep voting till the 30th! What do you get if you win?


  7. Just tried to vote for a second time today. My concept of time has clearly gone out of the window. That print is beautiful. Bravo for seeing its potential and giving it the chop.

  8. we voting!!! :) ps- i wish to look ha;f as hot as you when i'm pregnant!! :P

  9. Im voting Im voting! :)

    Take me with you :) PLEAAAAASSSEEEEEE

  10. cutecutecute dress. sadly you didn't take a photo befoer the alteration.

  11. anyone who looks as good and makes as much effort as you when preggers deserves my vote! x

  12. good choice to shorten the dress, it looks fabulous on you, ojala cuando seré mama serié tan sexy como tu;)
    un beso mary


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