Friday, June 22, 2012

Follow Friday: Raven Locks

Meet my friend Azu. If you don't know her, you should. Her and I became friends through Shana because we were both members of Shana's club, "Thrifters Anonymous." She has just started up another blog again so go show her some love. She has great vintage style and mixes vintage pieces with retail. She has also inherited some really cool pieces from her mama.

Azu is a smart woman and well informed. Love that this girl speaks her mind. I thought I had lost her forever when she stopped her old blog but then one day I got an email from her saying she was still reading my blog. She also told me she will be voting for me until I win this contest haha. Thanks for staying in touch girl, it has been so fun getting to know you. 

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And keep voting for me in Project Style! Once a day until the 30th. Im 23 votes behind. Thanks to all that have been voting and promoting. It means so much. 



  1. So pretty! That dress is super perfect!

    ox from NYC!


  2. that dress suits her so well and those boots and that vest, perfection.

  3. i am going to befriend her and then steal this dress from her :) how is my favorite baby momma doing? by the way, i want Everything in your etsy store!!!!!

    guess who's working three jobs + going to college? that's the stockton life for ya. but youre all fresh to death now living out of the stockton/sacramento area hahaha so you wouldnt know ;-) i went to P2000 the other day and thought of you, babe! have you ever tried on their bras? holy cow they are padded to the max! if i ever wanted to tila tequila it up (ew) i know where to buy my bras, hahaha. anyway, hope that things are well with you sweetness!

    love, james

  4. Thank you, hot mama! I didn't even check my email after 8 am yesterday. I've been taking care of some new pets. My neighbors rescued some baby ducks and nobody would take them...not even the stupid wildlife rescue center! Long story short: I am now the mother of 9 baby ducklings, so I've been busy keeping them clean and fed. I feel like a bird. LOL!

    I'm really glad that the contest goes until the 30th. I was going to write you an email this morning about how sorry I was that I only voted with one email yesterday :( But now I can redeem myself.

    Oh, and you know those lavender shorts you had on your etsy? I wanted them SOO bad. I had the page open for a few days but I kept forgetting to order them. Oh time. I'm now going to stalk your etsy account. You have some really cute things.



  5. Love your dress!!!really cute!kisses!

  6. I am crushing on that dress.
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