Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A close race

Dear friends,

Thank you for all your votes. This contest has been consuming me. Between rallying votes and running my shop I've been pretty busy. Saturday is the last day of voting and Sunday is my first baby shower! What a relief. I've become so annoying bothering everyone every day but i have to try my best. If I win this round I qualify for the live style off where you get an hour to style an outfit. The person who wins gets a $1000.00 gift card to the mall and goes on to nationals. So there is a lot on the line.

Please keep voting once a day and spread the word to your friends, office, boyfriends, husbands, baby daddys, family, ect. Anyone with an email or Facebook can vote. Thanks for all the support already and helping me spread the word.


Much love,

Sorry for the doctor's office instagram pic but Ill be back to regular programing soon. I'm 8 months now whhhhaaaattt.


  1. Eight months ... god I never, ever looked as good as you at eight months pregnant - you are gorgeous and I have voted for you again today. Got my fingers and mama chichis crossed for you hon. xoxoxo

  2. No sabía que esperabas un bebé, ahhhhhhhhh

  3. you are such a beautiful mummy!! aawww so happy for you!:)

    and good luck i hope you and baba win!! xx


  4. Check out you looking all fabulous in the doctor's chair!! I've voted again. If you don't win it'd be a crime. xxx

  5. Just Voted! Good Luck and you look beautiful & just glowing :-)

  6. You've got my vote. You are the cutest preggars woman! Your face hasn't changed one bit and only your bellys is giving your pregnancy away!!!! It's crunchtime.

  7. good luck good luck good luck and hope your baby shower was amazing! xx

  8. Just voted, your still in the lead! Good luck x

  9. good luck babe! wishing you so much luck :) and i hope you have a great time at you baby shower :) take lots of photos! just a really quick hello.. HELLO!!!

    love u, james

  10. you are just the cutest! <3

  11. Resort and Cruise collections are just a new excuse to sell people things. They are generally clothes for warm weather and are more simple than main collections. I keep voting for you girl, I hope you win x

  12. Dang 8 meses!! Que rapido se pasa el tiempo.
    You look cute in Hello Kitty pre top/dress.
    I will be surprised si no ganas.

  13. cute shot... 8th month. wow.

  14. Congratulations! Take care of yourself and your little one! :)

    Andy, Foldable Flats

  15. nooooo im still votign! round three baby~

  16. You look absolutely gorgeous lady...making preganancy sexy luck!!!


  17. GRRRR! I was super bummed to see that you didn't win :( But if it makes you feel any better, you were always a winner in my book! I love this cute outfit you're weairng, btw. Hello Kitty is awesome. Did you ever see that SImpson's episode where they made fun of Hello Kitty? They had the alien baby wearing a shirt or something that said "Hello Probie." LOL!!

    And yes. I have mixed feelings about the Motherland. I love Mexico because you actually own the land you live don't have to worry about that property tax BS and the feds taking your home if you miss a hospital bill. But they've got their own issues...I'm scared to go back :( If they hadn't taken everyone's guns away, I'd probably move over there right now...HAHAHAHA! Things are changing pretty fast here in the good ol' USA. In October, they might start to take away our guns (Si tienes armas, esconde las! ). There are quite a few "whistle blowers" in the military trying to warn people of something like that happening in October. It's cray-cray.

    Oy, I"m super tired. Sorry if I rambled for too long on here. :)

    Good night!



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