Friday, June 15, 2012

OMG, Project Style, Vote for me, Please!

Oh my goodness. I have been chosen as a semi-finalist in round 2 of Project Style, a national style competition with the ultimate grand prize of a trip for 2 to New York fashion week. First, I have to win my round. I had to style a look with a gift card of $150.00 to my local mall, Victoria Gardens and also use one piece from my closet. Dressing a pregnant body is a challenge, but it was very fun. This is what I created:

floppy hat and cat print blouse- American Apparel
peplum skirt- Cotton On
shoes- my own, thrifted 

Pussy cat print blouse with a pussy bow? Hell to the yeah. 

Baby daddy wanted to know why my head was down, I told him it kept the focus on the clothes. GEEZ.

So now, I need your votes! Voting begins today and ends in 5 days. You can vote once a day. It is between me and another girl. She is not with child. 

You will have to sign up for an ID but please don't let that discourage you. If you are bored, and just have an extra 2 minutes in your day, think of me. As you shampoo your hair, think, "Did I cast my vote for Sophia today?" PLLLLEASEEE. POR FAVOR. I beg you. 

You can vote for me and see my little video and pics here:

Do it for the unborn! Thank you. Mil besos, many kisses,



  1. I voted for you! And how come I didn't know you are preggers? Guess I'm not paying attention. Madge

  2. I love your project outfit, the red floppy hat and red tacones stand out. a gatio pussy blouse? Why adore it all!
    Buena Suerte!
    I voted.aver si me acuerdo de votar todos los dias.

  3. una combinacion del trio más ganador, blanco, rojo y negro. precioso sombrero, besos ana

  4. your first official preggo pose! i have a black and white skirt and i always imagined it with red heels. now i need to imagine $ so i can buy some.

  5. I still keep my pencils in a tin box, ahhhhhhhhhhh.
    Congratulations, my dear Sophia. I have already voted for you. Is your Spanish as good as your English???
    Have a lovely weekend and I hope you WIN.

  6. great outfit ... good luck to you, darling! i have to go voting for you ...

  7. i will most definitely vote for you (and child)!! you look amazing that shirt is on my wish list. love this look, the red hat and shoes go so well. you deserve to win! xx

  8. me too i already voted for you;) i love this sexy peplum skirt and of course the red heels and fabulous hat!
    muchos besos mary

  9. Just voted :D

    Omg I've missed commenting on your blog!!! This is my new one:

    There's a hyphen in my name now. No, no estoy's just that all the good names for blogs were taken, so I had to settle for raven-locks. LOL!

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to the rest of your posts. You look so pretty, as always :)



  10. I voted for you and will try to remember to keep coming back to vote again. I love your outfit and hope you win.

  11. Amazing!!!!


  12. I voted for you! You can enjoy the new contest in my blog, see the rules and participates! xxx

  13. totallllly voting! just a quick hi, HELLO!

    love, james

  14. Voted! Fingers crossed for you, you are fabulous. xxx

  15. I'm voting for you every day - it's neck and neck! Go you!!

  16. looking fabulous ''mummy''! you are so glowing, its adorable and beautiful love the outfit going to vote!

  17. You look fab! Only just seen this but I logged in with my FB page and will keep voting. Will get the husband to vote too. Fingers crossed for you x

  18. i love your hat!!


  19. you look great! i love the hat, as well as the blouse. so fly!!


    PS you've got my vote :-)

  20. I LOVE what you put together! I want that pussycat blouse and floppy hat! Cheers!

  21. Me encanta la pamela, queda genial con el look!


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