Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year

I'm not drunk, I swear.

My new fave skirt. Thrifted for $1.80. I just put a short black skirt underneath it because it's sheer.

My new gold earrings from Gypsy Land.

Welcoming 2012 in my glitter Flitas (fake Litas)

I've been absent from the blogging scene for a couple of weeks now, but not because I havent been dressing up, rather, I've just been taking it easy and enjoying my time at our cabin in the mountains of Southern California. IT IS WARM here. Yesterday it was 80 degrees! I didn't wear my black jacket for long. I was channeling my friend Golden Light, or Dora Luz, with this outfit. I changed out of my Flitas into some flat black lace up boots to wear this costume to the local mall amongst my fellow trendy Mexicans of San Bernadino County. To my dismay, none of the bad girls from "Beyond Scared Straight" were there. Oh well, there's always the swap meet. Am I the only one addicted to prison shows?

Happy New Year to all my dear blog friends. I talk about you guys way too much in real life. It's kind of creepy,



  1. Happy New Year lovely! Hope ya had a good one ;) Looove the outfit, anything with lace AND leather is a tick in my book :D

    Love Aysh xoxo

  2. Here it's cold xD

    Happy new year honey! I wish that u have the best from ur life (:

  3. Feliz Ano Amor!
    I love your dorada lacey rose skirt! and how you paired it up with biker jacket.
    Aww I am honored that you are channel Dora Luz. :)
    I have a tarot bag in gold and black roses.
    so jealous of your glittery fake I want some fake shiny flitas!
    dame tu dire para mandarte tus cosias!
    Besos y Abrazos

  4. You look great! Love the skirt and I couldn't tell the Litas were fake.

  5. Happy New Year,doll!! You look good enough to eat!Glitter-tastic!XXX

  6. Happy New Year.I just love that skirt and top.Your hair is so pretty.Mine is all dixie fried.No shine left,lol.So glad I found your blog.Looking forward to more of your gorgeous outfits and your beautiful personality.xx

  7. i freaking love Beyond Scared Straight! you look so rad and omg jealous of your $1.80 skirt! very rarely will i buy anything new. the employees at my fave thrift store all know me. i go there twice a week. omg i dont have a life or something. anyway, Mean Girls came on the TBS channel today and i thought of you. i hope you had a fun filled NYE celebration girl!!!

    love, jamie

  8. Happy New Year! Love your glittery outfit, Dora will be proud! Really enjoyed reading your blog last year and looking forward to your 2012 posts :)

  9. Amor! You look so gorgeous - I love the lacy see through skirt and those gorgeous boots - you are such a supermodel. Hope you have a fantastic 2012!

    Sarah xxx

  10. Happy New Year, you gorgeous girl! x

  11. You look incredible, this skirt is just amazing! Love it!

  12. LMFAO!! You always crack me up. And I talk about you to my boyfriend because you're hilarious and from Cali. But any-guey, I love this skirt. The contrast between the feminine lace and tough-as-a-perra-jacket is amazing. Te miras bien hot!

    PS. Aqui esta mi email. The way I type it is going to make you think I'm paranoid. azurobledo (at) gmail (dot) com. I just don't want it to show up in any google searches :)


  13. estas que te sales nena!!!! me encanta este look! primero el dorado luego estos botines son divinos and your beautiful black hair!
    love and kiss,mary

  14. happy new year! :D I LOVE YOUR DOUBLE SKIRT, such an amazing idea, love love love it! :) pluss sounds like you've been having a lovely time in the sun while the world's been trying to turn us londoners into ice lollies :P xxx

  15. Blwydden Newydd Dda! You're looking gorgeous again, and don't worry, I'm always talking about my friends oversea who I've never met. Why have I never thought to wear a black skirt under a sheer one?

  16. love your glamorous outfit so much. the skirt is so awesome.

  17. Your blog is just too cute! We really love all your outfit posts! What a killer sense of style! You're a rock star, for..sure!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.


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