Monday, December 19, 2011


"A bright young man, he was. Is. A bright splendid ray in my life. But like Picasso said, 'When you come right down to it, all you have is your self. Your self is a sun with a thousand rays in your belly. The rest is nothing.' But for a while, he was all mine. Mio. Mio. Mio."

-Ana Castillo in "Loverboys"

starfish jewelry- old Avon set, thrifted
dress- vintage, thrifted on 50% off day for $3.50

shoes- Jessica Simpson but from TJ Maxx. Good for her. 

That's it, I'm not wearing this tree anymore. It makes me look short(er).



  1. Ya veo que sigues con tus calcetines por encima de la rodilla, creo que te quedan fabulosos con esos zapatos amarillos.
    Una auténtica reina.

  2. You look fabulous in yellow! Ii want those shoes! x

  3. Great look! Avon did some really cute sets and trinkets back in the day. I love the scenery on your last photo - beautiful!

  4. your outfits are just gettin sexier by the post :P me gusta..this outfit esta bien CHIDOOOOOO!!! the orange touch and starfish, so warm!! i want to live where you are!!!

  5. ooooh sophia you sexy thing;) me encanta este vestido precioso con el cinturon y los calcetines, k guapa y radiante estas! love that look!

  6. You look super gorgeous - those shoes are KILLER!

    Sarah xxx

  7. OMG you look fantastic, really love the outfit

  8. I loverboy your calcetas on those leatheal sexy shoes.
    You can wear white and stripes como nadie, i look like a hieleron if i wear white.
    Cute avon starfish, i remember that set.
    I love the last photo en donde te la tomaste?
    Luv ya

  9. LOL...ok that outfit does NOT make you look shorter. Me gusta your whole look...all of it. Even the little starfish. Did you used to take starfishes home from the beach when you were little too? I used to do that and it wasn't until I got older that I realized how fucked up it was.

    Anyway, that quote from your book blew me away. Shit's deep. I'm going to go find that book on eBay or Amazon and buy it.

    Hope you are doing well :)


  10. oh god you are always a treat <3 lol

    and damn that tree! but you look like you have legs for days so whatever girl haha. ad i cant believe you got that dress for $3.50! how awesome! and yesss whenever youre in 209 hit me up girl we'll find time to thrift together. i'll take you to my favorite thrift. that im super protective over. cus i am a thrift snob :) but i'll share it with you. anways, hope youre done shopping for the holidays!

    love, jamie

  11. Your shoes = awesomeness!

  12. Cuteness! That starfish is the perfect accessory. Have an amazing time at the mountain house, you lucky thing, I'll be heading back to the valleys to see my folks.

    Feliz Navidad!


  13. LOL! Your comment was hilarious!

    And that other book you recommended sounds amazing just by the title. I loooove reading...Im glad we share that in common :) Have you ever read "Caucasia"? "MIddlesex" is also good. They're both coming of age novels in a non-stereotypical or cheesy kind of way. They revolve around young women who are heavily influenced by their culture and ethnicities. Other than that, these two books don't have anything in common.


  14. Love the whole outfit my fav part are the shoes!

  15. beautiful location! i love the shape of this dress too, you look great. have a wonderful Christmas xox

  16. U look amazing,love e shoes. Have a happy&blessed xmas.

    U have a wonderful blog,am a new follower

  17. Nice post Merry Xmas!!!

  18. ok... i really don't know what i love most: those amzing shoes or the gorgeous striped dress. anyway: girl, you look stunning.

    hope you had amazing holidays. - happy new year!°

  19. un superfeliz 2012 guapisima! k te lo pases bomba!;)

  20. i LOVE this dress-- so cute! and the shoes are ridic. my friend just ordered some JS shoes. in luv.

    happy xmas time lovely lady,

  21. Happy New Year, guapa!

    And did you just say that your boyfriend got you some zapatos? Is there a new man in your life? I don't mean to be nosy, but I like seeing couples. I'm a sucker for love. Yeah...I'm a cheese ball like that.

    But anyway, thank you for reading my bloggy. Yours is one of my favorites :) But you probably already knew that.


  22. feliz año 2012, SOPHIA, GUAPA


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