Monday, January 9, 2012

Presenting Maricela

Meet my friend, Maricela. Her and I met stomping around in our Mexican folklorico group in college.  Since then, homegirl has come a long way. She has been a bilingual elementary school teacher for years, and she even went back to school and got her Masters in Creative Writing. Not bad for a Jalisciense eye browed girl from East Los. She is one of my friends that I truly admire. We met up recently to go thrifiting, as she had never been with me before. Here's the account in her own words. She flogs (fake blogs) on her Facebook page, and emails me the tales, since I don't have a Facebook.

I envy Sophia's savviness and thriftiness for fashion. That's why I decided to try it. I, thankfully, didn't inherit my mother's shopaholic gene but don't underestimate the power of clothing. I mean, I was frustrated last night over what I was going to wear on my outing today. I'm frustrated because my closet is lacking anything trendy due mostly in part to my decreased paycheck. That was the main reason behind this new interest. I was really hoping to find cute and fun things to wear on my non-working days. And for my first thrifting experience, I think it went well.
The first thing Sophia taught me today is that there is more than what you see when it comes to articles of clothing. You can't just take a sequenced, pink bow tie for what it is. You have to use your imagination and get creative to make things work for you. Cutting, gluing, and sewing it back into another form are fair game.
That's when I spotted a purple, see-through, stringy thing. Sophia would know exactly what it was called but since I only shop for specific events, I buy whatever there is to buy within my budget of $15 or less. It was half a blouse and it had shoulder pads I could remove.
"Have you noticed," I asked Sophia, "how they're selling half-shirts for the full price?" Yeah, that's been bugging me when I go retail shopping.
After I found two more blouses, a pair of "Zumba" pants, and a pleated skirt for work, Sophia and I headed to the dressing rooms to make a show of our findings.
It was fun modeling what we'd deemed stylish for each other. I first tried on the purple blouse.
"I remind myself of JLO in In Living Color in this," I told Sophia. "with my tight jeans, the boots, and my short hair." All I needed to do was the Running Man.

$8 later, I walked out a thrifting-virgin no more!

I, Sophia, got these shoes for 2 dollars.

I know some people don't dig the idea of shopping at thrift stores but this is my take on it. I donate clothes regularly to my local Salvation Army truck located conveniently a block away from my apartment. Some of the stuff I give is new, tags still attached, other is stuff I wore once, and the rest if stuff that doesn't fit anymore. I never give clothes away that look like rags. I assume that someone could benefit from clothes that I don't wear and vice versa. Someone else's trash can become your treasure.
With that said, I can't wait to find the appropriate outing to show off my great $4 find!

Happy hunting to you!


  1. i have been thrifting for about 10 yrs girl, im a G. so are you, i see :) your friend is beautiful and im glad maricela had a good experience! hope you are well girlfriend <3

    love, jamie

  2. I love introducing second-hand virgins to the joys of thrifting! Maricela looks gorgeous, loving that fringed top. x

  3. I would shop nowhere else, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Gorgeous Maricela. I need a pair of rd shoes inmediately.

  4. She looks great struttin thrift store clothes!
    que educada!
    love your rojo sexy heels.
    ahahaha JlO in living color!

  5. Hahaha! I love it. Thanks friend. Can't wait to do it again. ACTUALLY, I was talking to my aunt yesterday and our conversation took a detour into thrifting. She was telling me about all the great places where even "gueras" go. She admitted to buying belts and purses second-hand. I was surprised. Now I feel like I'm behind in the game. Next week I'll be back in LA and I'm going to have to hit her up!

  6. Its always good to introduce someone into the wonderful world of thrifting - just make sure they don't find all YOUR bargains first ;)

  7. Yay, a convert! Sophia's going tto be sorry when you're grabbing all the best things ;-)

    I do know what you mean about 'half shirts', I had the same conversation with my husband when I bought a pair of denim shorts for the same price as a whole pair of jeans!

  8. I am going thrift shopping this weekend! so excited and will be thinking of you while I am there! Value Village here I come.

    PS loved your comment...thieves everywhere beware...karma is a foot :P


  9. Looks to me like a fun day and she looks great.Love her hair and love your red heels.Wish I had someone to shop with.xx

  10. i wish there was more stores like this in Ireland, this one looks so beautiful - i need an american thrift trip. You look great and I love your finds Maricela xox

  11. This is your friends blog, yes?

    She did find some great things, those shoes look like they're in excellent condition. :)

  12. Hello ! thank you for welcoming me to the blog world =)... you really got a steal on those pumps !! i love thrift shopping =).. i also donate my cloths to salvation army and goodwill.. as long as they still look like they are in good shape =).. sometimes i find things for my home that were never even used ! <3

  13. $2?? No way! In Kenya we usually have open air markets that aren't the most appealing (visually) but if you keep digging you're bound to find some real gems in there.. So I'm all for this!

    Enjoy your new found love!

  14. Thank you so much for your comment<3
    I was super excited when I saw that someone commented my blog post haha!

    anyway $2 for shoes is seriously NOT BAD AT ALL! and they are cute<33 Nice find:)

  15. She flogs LOL! I really like that top she bought. It kind of looks like one that I wore with my purple corduroy pants.

    I wish we had better thrift stores here. I have to go to a different town or city for most of my second hand needs.

    Oh, my beauty secret is about deodorant! I make my own and it's really easy and cheap. I'll post the recipe soon :)

    I hope you're having a good week!! And a an even better new year. Si? Si!


  16. that's why i love thrifting! :) and it's a fun experience, me and the husband love it :) can i come shoppin with you one day ? :)

  17. Giiiiiiirl! I wanna go thrift shopping with ya one day! :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  18. I can't take the shoes-- $2???? LOVE. jeez, what a steal. xoxo rem

  19. What is thrifting? Is it the same as charity shopping here in the U.K? I really like the idea of charity shopping but I've never bought anything before, for some reason I can never find anything that suits my style.
    I'm liking your blog and now following it would be cool if you could return the favour xoxo


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