Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quartzite, Arizona

Last week my mom and I went to Quartzite, Arizona for an annual gem and mineral show. If you ask my mom, she will tell you she went to "Crystal Light", Arizona. She just couldn't get the name straight. My aunt and her boyfriend invited us as they are part of a gem and mineral society and they go every year. It only took us 2.5 hours to get there. It was a pretty rad event and huuuuggeee. You could spend days there.

I wanted this pyrite heart like sooo bad.

I wore this dress I found in the pajama section of Eco-Thrift in San Bernadino. Pardon my black flip flops, we were on vacay and I was not expecting such warm weather. I had no other shoes.

Patting my weave in the desert heat.

Minerals are priced by ounces and grams, you know, just like drugs.

So magical.

My bracelet I thrifted with Maricela for 10 dollars. Great bead work. 

I got one of these large Selenite lamps for 30 dollars. Selenite is one of the varieties of gypsum. It is found in Morocco and has a hardness of 2. That was a fun walk back to the car. 

The vendors set up their trailers like this as the show goes on for a while. 

Mother gave me grief about wearing this dress with the tear in the back. I was sick as a dog 2 days prior to this event so I had no energy to sew it. People still told me they liked it...when they saw it from the front.

Rock people are people too,


  1. hermosa! i love your pajama dress, it is so gorgous with that lovely embroidery! oh and i can´t get off my eyes of all this beautiful crystals! what a wonderful trip darling!
    love and kiss,mary

  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Sophia, me acabo de enamorar locamente de ese vestido de hada mexicana, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Qué maravilla!!!
    Has dado en el clavo, como agua para chocolate es otro de mis grandes amores,ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. I love quarzos!
    I know how too program them for whatever you want. I left a whole bunch at home.
    that pyrite heart is so pretty.
    I would of join you wearing my white Mexi-vata and took care of encanta tu bracelet,bien Azteca. I wear rip clothes tambien and cover the holes with my lampara!
    no llego nada ahora?

  4. a rock convention! i'm so stupid. i thought you meant rock music. duh! the heart is beautiful and the lamps are so cool. i'd forgotten about your bracelet. it looks fabulous!

  5. You're a ROCK star! (Champagne comedy!)

    Honestly - that frock is SPECTACULAR - I could not love it more - and the bracelet is EXQUISITE! You are so gorgeous.

    Sarah xxx

  6. Gems? I am SO there. I'm all about the rocks, or would like to be.

    I love your bracelet and would have wrestled you for it. Lets see the lamp in situ at home - I've seen similar salt type things, they're cool.

  7. lol patting your weave. ive been there done that and im finna put some tracks in cause i hate my short hair! ugh! anyways... i loveeee your outfit! who cares about the tear, you look hot!

  8. wow what an amaaaaaaze show!!! I wanna go! Those lamps look fab, you lucky thing :D you looking loveeeeerly as always chic!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  9. OMG so pretty

    I cant wait to go to "Crystal light" now too.

    I am slightly jelly that I dont see a speck of snow. take some from here!

  10. Love the dress and yes wanna wish u a Very happy 2012. Hope it's a great one for you.

  11. i love your bracelet! the show looks so beautiful! and the tear in your dress looks purposeful :P xxx

  12. The photographs look amazing! Wish I could go there. Great post:)

  13. lovely dress. did you fix the rip? my favourite dress got another rip on it's sleave...

  14. i love the commentary about your mom. hilarious. need to get me one of those "Selenite" lamps. i love gems. give me gems.

  15. Those lamps are stunning, and what a steal of a price. I love the dress, and your white nails.



  16. Hahahaha! Priced like drugs...that's pretty funny.

    And Crystal Light? LOL! I see my mom is not the only one to get her words messed up. I once went to In N Out and I told her to get the fries "animal style." When it came time for her to order she said, "doggie style." It still makes me shake my head when I remember.

    Any-guey, your dress es muy bonito. I have one with those embroidered flowers. But yours is much better.

    Hope you're having a good week, linda!

  17. I love the pyrite heart it's gorgeous! That dress looks mega comfy and cute too :)

  18. Hey ! I've nominated you for an award on my blog ;) check it out for details ! ;)

  19. Chica!!! I have missed your crazy blog on my vacation!!!
    I definitely pardon your flip flops, but how dare you be so unprepared!! ;p

    Love the dress tho, and I never worry about my behind as I never see that when I look in the mirror! hahaha. And the bracelet is fab,I want to learn to bead like that one day....

    Sadie xx

  20. YOU WENT TO A GEM AND MINERAL SHOW?! Wow, this is even cooler than my friend who went to gemology school to learn about diamonds. Oh, but she dropped out and she's still a bartender. ANYHOO, I would so totally hit that shit up if I was ever in Arizona. Then I would make a bunch of overpriced healing crystal necklaces and sell them on Etsy. Boo ya.

  21. haha what an unusual event to attend, i would have so been there too..all that sparkliness! it looks so amazingly hot though. i think the dress is amazing, you would hardly notice the can sew it some other non sick as a dog time. Feel better soon!

  22. ORAAAAALE! that is pretty cool you went to mineral show! i love road trips with la familia! and that beaded bracelet, me gusta mucho!!!!

  23. That heart is beautiful.Love your dress.Sounds like a fun day.I would have gone crazy.xx

  24. I just tagged you on my blog~


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