Monday, December 5, 2011

Alameda Antique Fair

 Yesterday I went to the Alameda Point Antiques Faire and felt like I had dropped some E but without the pesky teeth grinding. It was like 3 of our swap meets put together of just vintage clothing and collectibles, booth after booth. We were there for 4 hours and we still didn't get to finish the entire faire (Its on a freaking naval base). It was really nice to be in a spot full of people "like me", who love vintage clothing and crap so much. I know a lot of you would have really enjoyed it. Thanks to my homegirl over at Style Porn for posting about it, cause I would have never even known.

They had "racks on racks on racks" of vintage clothing. It was like visiting hundreds of stores.

A gorgeous piece

Frilly skirts? I'll take 2.

I really really wanted a Snow White plate.

Can we talk about the girl in the cape on the left? She is my idol, wearing a cape and HEELS to an antique fair. Oh, and she's a mom with a baby daddy who pushes her stroller. I quit. 

I'm mod about these chairs. 

I asked him, "hey baby do you want a dummy?"
he said, "I already have one." 

Beaded cat sweater? I bought it! 

Check out these cat creepers! They were my size but fit tight on the toe, and I didnt have any monies left. Reminded me of my friend Isabel, check her out, she flies a starship.

One nerd and one doll, I mean one nerd doll. 

My 2nd cape sighting of the day! I don't know who this one belonged to though... Can you tell I really want a cape?

sweater- thrifted
dress- H&M
boots- Ross

The view of San Francisco from the faire. The faire is in Alameda. My directions: drive to downtown Oakland, set your radio to 106.1, get hyphy, drive through a tunnel, and then you arrive in Alameda.

We stayed till the very end of the faire which allowed us to see people slash their prices (after we had no money left) and get free pretzels! Dissatisfied that my free pretzel was unsalted, I decided to incite a sea gull riot in the parking lot.

"Feed the birds, tuppence a bag. Tuppence, tuppence, tuppence a bag."

"'Feed the birds,' that's what she cries
While overhead, her birds fill the skies"

Off to Cat Daddy in my cat sweater,



  1. It looks like heaven to me haha you're soooo lucky to live here !!!

  2. Argh! Why do we not have these here?! This fair looks amazing I would have been there for hours rummaging too! Your E comment at the start cracked me usual ;)

  3. Wow this place looks awesome! Why oh why do we not have these here?? I mean we have things like car bootys (yes bootys.. ;P) but no way as good as this...those Disney plates!! And now have a serious strong urge to get a cape... ;)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  4. Miaow! That looks like such a good event, I am also in awe of the cunning cape lady "But darling, I can't use my arms, you'll have to push the buggy". She's hardcore with the heels though.

    Will look out for Sleeping Beauty plates for you on this side of the pond x

  5. Aye, i so want to go to that faire.
    I wanted to go to the tiki swapmeet last time ,but didnt have time.
    Cute botas.
    Eyeing the frilly skirts.. That girl in cape is the coolest, im guessing the viejo is pussy whipped,lol
    Your cat top reminds me of one of my kitty blusas i used to own when i was 10.
    Que compraste? Leopard capa is my fave.

  6. score! i wish i was there armed with lots of money! :) i love those over the knee boots on your last post btw. you know me and my shoes! i can never have enough lol

  7. oh my gosh i am so jealous! i would have jumped at the chance of going here! next time, swing over my way shawty! you crack me up, girl LOL i love your sense of humor :) hope you have a great week pretty lady!
    p.s your cardigan? i love!
    x jamie

  8. i love your boots! i have a similar pair from dsw. my sister's lesbian friend asked if i was gay too cuz i have a short haircut, drive a jeep, and now wear those boots. the girl in the cape is one to envy. and i think you look beautiful in the picture where you're wearing the cat sweater, which i want, btw. and the cat shoes too. you gotta teach leo and me how to shop, mujer. and the naval base had it coming with the birds (Mary Poppins!) your unsalted pretzel attracted; what's the point if it's not salted? you didn't catch my sister, by any chance, did ya? she lives in alameda county.

  9. Are you fucking serious?? You went to the Alameda antiques faire and didn't tell me?! This could have been an epic meeting of great minds. We could have skipped through the aisles together. We could have bought a bunch of useless shit together...the possibilities would have been endless. Next time you're in the bay, hit a girl up!

  10. weekend market?
    cool! so many things too buy. i like the cat shoes. I like the retro chairs/ .... nicely captured.

  11. Cómo me encantan los mercados, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Me gustan esas fladas de tul y tu camiseta de gato, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, la quieroooooooooooo

  12. Haha, neither did I, but then again I didnt (and dont) know anything about Victorias Secret.. Just though it was a good way of showing people that not even They look like that without hard work.. x

  13. I really love your red sweater

  14. I would have gone crazy there.I love those kitty creepers.Ad everything look so cute.xx

  15. great post i'd love to go here someday!
    love your blog btw, now following!

  16. Oh HELL YEAH. You brought this eye candy to life for sure. I'm living vicariously and weirdly enjoying that fact, because if I'd actually been there, I'd probably have spent myself broke.

    That's a kickass cat sweater, btw.

  17. You are seriously, too funny. You brightened up my day in your fabulous red sweater.

  18. omg what an amazing fair you visited, i would have shoped me to dead there haha;) and your sweater is so supercute!
    love and kiss,mary

  19. Omg I love old stuff! Anything old I'll wear it or drive it :) I literally cannot stop thinking about your cat sweater. I'll buy it from you if you ever get bored of it. Please get bored of it. I don't even like cats anymore, but I would so wear the shit out of it.

    So I already had a feeling that you live near me, but now it is confirmed. You DO live by me. We are sort of neighbors (not really, but you know what I mean). I live in Sonoma County. You know the place that makes vino and smells like caca de vaca? Yeah, there.

    Anyway, hope you have a great day :)



  20. O,my GAWD I want want want to go to one of these fairs!I hope they have one when I'm there next year!
    You NEED a cape,sweets.Not want.NEED!

  21. So cool! I've never been in a antique fair (I've write well? suggestions are good for me, i don't speak english very well)
    However, you've made some beautiful photos.. my fav are the one with the girl with her baby and husband (I mean the girl with the cape) and I also like that where bird are flying! (:

    have a nice day

  22. That looks brilliant! I love your insane cat sweater and that Dodge truck. That orange pottery thing next to the Nerd doll looks amazing.
    You should ask for a cape off Santa, they are an essential. x

  23. oooooo!!!
    This looks like a fun day out!!
    Those cat creepers are actually sickkk!! haha Love em', never seen anything like those before!!

    I know, some people are weird to comment crap tbh. and I know it's the same person because all they keep on doing is going on about the same thing... that I'm mixed race, which is pretty damn obvious lmfaooo!! saddo's these days *yawn

  24. i just love your style!!!

  25. I found your blog randomly from thrifty pintrest and your blog seriously makes me crack up. Can we be best friends? Haha

  26. beautiful! i love how red looks on you, rawr ;) muy guapa! i love capes, i have a black one! i used to have one of those disney plates, la sirenita, peru queen sabe adonde acabooo cuz i don't have it

    when i come to your hood, take me to these cool places !!! beso0o0os

  27. Oh looks like a lot of fun! My aunt and uncle live in Alameda. I love your kitty sweater!

  28. such an exciting market...
    ...can't wait for next years flea market season!

  29. thanks Sophia for stopping by my blog. I really love this post. I could spend all day at this market. I love antique fairs and I visit one every weekend :-)


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