Monday, December 12, 2011

You already have one like that.

When I was young and I would go shopping with my mom, I would pick out clothes and she would always tell me, "You already have one like that." I guess I'm always drawn towards the same things? That means I have my own personal style right? Or am I lacking something? Or, I know what I like. Here are some examples in my current wardrobe. (This is not funny, oh darn).

Yellow printed button ups I wear open with black leggings and a black tank. Oh so innovative.

These se~norita dresses they had in my 2 least fave colors, baby pink, and baby blue. 

Picked up their cousin a few weeks later at another Eco-Thrift but different location.

Sequin dresses are the best. One day I'll be Jem for halloween and wear the one on the left.

I love red coats and I can not lie. Never worn any of them but I will be soon!

Mama love her black fringe coat. 

Mama love this one less.

Um, yeah.

I really need to fill my Etsy store.

"But who cares, no big deal, I want mmoooooorrreeee,"



  1. It's perfectly simple, you just send one of each to me. Like an exchange program. They'll be returned one day, culturally enriched by being worn to old buildings and stuff. And on double decker buses.

  2. I will take all the Mexi-vestidos and Hello Kitty bolsas! oh and the Piporro howdy jackets. I used to have loads of those jackets in my Howdy dias.
    I think my sis todavia has her sequin rainbow dress somewhere in the garage.

  3. jejejjejeej, llevas razón. Cuando voy a comprar mi marido me dice lo mismo, jejejejee

  4. well you never ever can have enough i think;) especially of the fringe jackets and sequin dresses. y que monada de camisa esa de las fresas!! me encanta! y rojo te kedaria genial tienes k estrenar tus coats pronto!;)
    love and kiss,mary

  5. Haha... I mean, not funny ;)
    I use to do that too when I was a kid, but though I dont have things so exactly matching as this, I do have A LOT of the same colors. I struggling stretching my color span in my wardrobe. So I kind of feel you ;)
    I would take the red double breasted blazer on the bottom off your hands if youd like ;)

  6. hahaha... my mom tells me d same bt I dun have such similarity btw clothes :D I love your red coat collection n hello kitty bags :D
    hey thanks fr ur wonderful comment dear.. :)

  7. You have an awesome blog!! :) Really liked it! In fact both your blogs are mind-blowing!! <3

    I followed you. Could you please follow me too? And do read my blog. Suggestions and criticism is always welcomed. :)

    Xoxo. <3<3
    Surabhi. [ Butterfly ] :)

  8. Guilty. The worst is when you're so attracted to one color that you end up with too few options for pieces that go together without being monochromatic.

  9. I'm the same way... and most of the time, the same piece will be in grey and black.;)

  10. Jem and the Holograms was pure TV genius. Case in point:

  11. Haha this made me laugh, it's so bloody true. Literally everything in my wardrobe is so similar, although you don't realise until you properly start looking at it.
    Love this post, gives me an excuse to just go out and buy more things in an attempt to get a bit of variety into the wardrobe! xxxxx

  12. I have the same "problem" haha, sometimes I buy a dress or a skirt in 2 or 3 different colors, and I don't wear any of them !!! Girls are complicated lol !!

  13. Nothing wrong in knowing what you like! I'd be happy to give one of those amazing Senorita dresses a home if you ever got bored. x

  14. those fringe jackets are so amazing... and please wear those red jackets, they would look great on you... (esp. the one the the fringe).

    yesterday i bought a sheer pleated skirt... it's colour reminds me on another sheer pleated skirt i own... and the colour of this skirt reminds me on just another sheer pleated skirt .... i think, i know what you're talking about. ;)

  15. I seriously can't wait to see you in one of those sequin dresses!! I love the senorita dresses too I bet you look great in them. Also the strawberry shirt is so cute :)

  16. Love the red coat assortment.
    Sometimes, as a thrifter, it's hard to pass things up when they're under 5 bucks each. I bought 2 camel colored coats in one shopping trip that are very similar...but I just couldn't decide which I liked better so I just got both since they were so inexpensive.

  17. I ADORE those senorita dresses! They are wonderful. And the strawberry shirt is particularly great too.

    You know what you like, I don't think thats a bad thing! It's kind of like someone who collects things. You're collecting red jackets...or something! Tee hee xxx


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