Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Purple Rain

 My photographer is back in town but leaving soon again, luckily she had time to shoot me in my finished revamped purple rain sweater skirt. It was an ugly sweater dress ($1.84), so I cut it in two and hemmed the bottom. (I'm still hand sewing fyi, still dont have any sewing lessons lined up.) She was not a fan of my thigh highs saying they are for prostitutes. Show me a prostitute in a Purple Rain sweater skirt and Hanes thigh highs and I will become one myself.

Purple Rain is not my favorite Prince song or album. My fave Prince song is 7.
"All seven and we'll watch them fall, they stand in the way of love and we will smoke them all, with that intellect and a savoir-fare, no one in the whole universe will ever compare. " Its my fave shower song. I like to two-step to it while I wash my hair with sulfate free shampoo. Number two would go to Erotic City. What's your favorite Prince jam?

blazer- thrifted, bodysuit- thrifted, skirt- DIY, bow- DIY (from scraps of sweater dress).

Shoes- Charlotte Russe- $25, thigh highs- Hanes, target, $7?

No more using my mother's, I mean uh- photographer's room as a backdrop. I had to crop all the hoarded materials out in fear of being submitted to A&E. 

The original sweater dress. 

Who should I dedicate this blog to? 

-My mom/photog for putting me on this planet to serve the universe as a blogger?
-My dance teacher K.B. The Great for always playing Prince in all her jazz classes?
-My baby daddy for showing me Housequake and improving my overall quality of life? I'm yours now and you are mine and together we'll love through all space and time
-Mary for liking Erotic City as much as me?

Shut up already. Housequake. 


  1. I think the GIF's are quite freaky if you ask me looool, at first they actually scared me. Some of them was really weird like people just standing their blinking :| AHAHHAA!!!
    I chose to not put that one up on my blog cause I dont wanna have nightmares :/

    I think some of them are alright though, I just hope that this is not 'the future' and I hope they don't replace the great fashion editorials!!!

    I love what you've done with this sweater dress by the way :) How cool is that?
    I would actually but that skirt thats the thing haha, I like how you've made a bow out of it too :)

    you look really pretty!
    anyways I'm out cause otherwise this essay is gunner go on for days, which is probably why people shouldn't comment my blog cause I just end up leaving essay's back ahahahhaa

    Love shyy xxx

  2. I love love your bow and the entire outfit!! : )


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