Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A day in L.A.

"A day in the city is a lifetime, for in that time of day one learns something of life." -d.r.

"The city has a past which it cherishes and a future which it awaits." -anonymous

going to church

praying for us sinners

Santa Sophia

"In the city, time becomes visible." -Mumford

"A happy city needs no mirrors, for in such a city the people see themselves in each other." d.r.

my nieces :)

C.C., the eldest


"A piece of the city is a piece of ourselves." -anonymous

Photos- taken by my niece, Cierra. Thanks very much C.C.

Quotes- taken from my mom's yearbook Sacred Heart High, Los Angeles, CA 1971

My sweater- some ugly Liz Claiborne number I picked up at the army. washed it, cut it, cropped it, and glued it with fabric glue, some sort of liquid hem I purchased. It held well and i suggest the method to you all if you find a sweater u like but it has an ugly cut to it. Also glued the sleeves in and the collar cause they rolled out. 

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