Friday, January 21, 2011

Headband Land

There's a new dollhead in town. My dear friend, Mrs. Janessa A. agreed to be my fodel for some headbands I made out of scrap sweater and fabric flowers. I didn't know what we were going to do exactly but we ended up getting pretty crazy and creative. "We are two of the funniest f*ck*rs this side of the Mississip" said Janessa. After eating a lunch of "skinny tacos" from Taco Bell (I confused Janessa by calling the ranchero tacos that a long time ago so now she orders them like that) it was time for the next best thing besides P.T.O...."working from home."We headed to the backyard where Janessa immediately got bad memories of the last time she was there when I was fraining her and making her do lunges, sprints, and burpies. true friend true friend.

"This is a great shooting headband" AND I QUOTE

Proud to be an American and bear arms. Hand sewn from an ugly thrifted sweater.

Paying her respects to Gata, my mother's dead cat.

Another headband this one has 1 flower.

"I didnt even have to use my AK, I guess it was a good day..." 

The original sweater

Do you recognize this sweater? Its the one I cut and cropped and wore in my "A day in L.A." post. Just added some fabric flowers.

"I want to try out your famous pose" she said. It worked. soo fetch.

Trying to babushka the lucky cats. 

The cats meow.


  1. Looks like ye had a blast shooting these headbands! I love the striped one, very nautical! X Burn the Blonde

  2. nice DIY headbands!! i hate leaving things to waste...everytime i cut something up i always keep the scraps...just in case i can use them!


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