Sunday, January 23, 2011

I like my shirts cropped at a price down low

Call this an oversized crop top post please, dont call it a belated MLK day post which would have been last  week. Don't think I forgot the Dr., it was just too cold to rock my DIY MLK crop. Do it yourself. Buy a shirt and crop that ish.  It makes me sad that oversized crop tops are so overpriced. I went into Urban Outfitters earlier in the week and saw this bad boy but it was too much money for a tee. Thrifting changes you. It makes you see the retail world differently. Thrifting, finding Jesus, youtube-ing one too many animal liberation videos, the discovery of a new planet and the news that you are now a leo; all calls for a paradigm shift. The army (Salvation) has changed me. I shall never be the same.

focus Jaynessa, focus. Jaynessa being my photog. (Rosie was on vacay).

The scarf in my hair was my mother's, one day I shall pass it down to you my baby lucky cat. 

From this picture and post it may seem like I like the cats. I like the look of cats. Im allergic. I could tell you the story but that will have to be saved for another day. It includes some heavy themes such as: hospitalizations, steroid use, yoyo weight loss/gain, all strung into one lonely puberty.

I also cropped this shirt. It was on sale at JCP after the world cup had ended. We were back to school shopping for my nephew. Like a true diva would, I managed to find something for myself.

My first time on the beach in Playa Del Carmen, Quintana Roo,  Mexico. One of the best moments of my life experienced with my bestest friends. 

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  1. you have a dope style glad i found your blog im following. stay in touch xoxox


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