Sunday, July 14, 2013

Junk in the trunk Gypsy

My 4th of July costume really reflected how much the Junk Gypsies have been rubbing off on me.
It's pretty much my favorite show on television right now. Their style is a lot more country than mine, but I can still appreciate it and how they basically drill a hole into anything and make it a lamp. Just proves it is true, all of my favorite people are from Texas. I love you M.J. Que viva Selena and Sarina.

shirt- thrifted
slip- thrifted
lace skirt- from this Etsy shop, I support my fellow ladies in the Etsy hustle- 
wooden platform shoes- bought them in college, from the mall probably. I was a mall rat, it was called depression/spending my loan money. My dad used to call me, "What were you doing at Forever 21? 38 dollars at Sanrio? Fredrick's of Hollywood? That money is supposed to be for books." Still have my H20 (water) bra today.

The 4th of July has turned into one of those 'I'd rather stay at home holidays.' On the way home from my boyfriend's art show that day, we were in ridiculous traffic. Glass was shattered in the street like someone had broken a window of a few parked cars. "It looks like there is going to be a gang fight around here," said my boyfriend. "I think that already happened," replied me. I just don't trust my fellow Americans when it comes to major holidays. People get too drunk and I live off a scary highway. Am I getting old? On New Years Eve this year we were at my boyfriend's parents house. We had all these plans to do the traditional stuff at midnight, fun Mexican stuff, like eat 12 grapes, run around the block with our suitcases to ensure good travels, and then NEWSFLASH on the T.V. (my heart always stops when this happens) some people had shot one another dead at the annual firework show in old town Sacramento. We ate the grapes, but nixed the running around the block idea. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a paranoid person who lives my life in fear, but from now on, I'm going to spend my NYE and 4th of July in some sequins at home, sippin on some fancy Bev Mo ciders and beers and eating a block of gouda cheese till sleepiness ensues. 

Now with all that said, "Let's go a' junking!"


  1. I love your expression in the middle picture. Seductive, playful, come-hither.

  2. You look so beautiful!! You look like you belong in Barcelona, this has such a flamenco vibe to it! I can't believe it's all thrifted, you definitely know how to pick it. Just gorgeous!

    You have a great blog, btw.. would you like to follow each other?


  3. You look fabulous in that sexy gypsy outfit! Hope you scored big time! x

  4. Hello darling! It's been so long and I'm so happy to be here to breath in your Cali fabulousness!! You're looking extremely HAWT with your sassy haircut and I'm loving the red lacy skirt and blouse! Damn those drunken holidays. We get all the drunks walking home from the pub on NYE, Australia Day and this year's Anzac Day parade seemed to evolve into a 1am parade of street fights outside our house in the rain ... the shootings sound scary! xoxo

  5. Me gusta tu bandana, me gustas tu.

  6. I love this outfit!! I don't know what I like more...the top or the skirt? Hmmm....I'll keep pondering...

    Sac can get ghetto. I didn't know about Old Sacramento (is that where the shooting happened?) being like that. I think I would still go there though. Just...not at night. LOL!

    Once in the Fresno area, I was visiting my grandparents for NYE. I fell asleep early. As soon as it turned midnight, I was awakened by the sounds of gun fire. Apparently my grandparent's neighbors like to shoot their guns in the air on NYE. I was just about to close my eyes again when I saw my grandpa walk out with his and join in...LMFAO!!! Not very smart. What comes up must come down, right? Good thing I was inside!!


  7. Kids make you old (read: SCARY). lol. I love the look girlie.

  8. Glad to have you back,and more beautiful than ever pretty mama.
    Do keep in touch ok?

  9. That guy that got shot dead in sac? He was from my town, I've known him all my adult life! Crazy huh, makes me kinda sick. I still don't really even get what went wrong, it wasn't gang related, just stupid drunkenness, the worst scariest shit. Anyway I like to party with the families these days. Stay out till ten, get crazy. Ps, you look ravishing!

  10. i looooooooooooooooooove the shirt! totally awesome!!!

  11. Bien Gitana! I adore anything red and lacey.
    Pinches locos!


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