Thursday, July 18, 2013


My boyfriend says I complain too much. Just another lovely trait I have inherited from my mother like upper lip hair. I don't complain to be a drag, it's honestly a way I make conversation. Nothing unites the people like haterade, right? Today I have chosen to complain here, in my little public corner of the internet. Here, in list form are things I hate about the shower.

1. Stepping into a wet shower (recently after someone else has showered)
2. When people use my loofah (Hey, why is my loofah wet?)
3. When I buy new products such as body wash, then I get in the shower and realize I have left them by the sink so I have to step out and get them.
4. Taking a shower (can you think of a bigger waste of time?)
5. Hearing my mom complain time and time again about how dirty my glass shower doors are. Get over it, they are shower doors, they are dirty with soap, not dirt. So technically, they are clean.
6. Wet towels on the floor (a post-shower peeve of my mother's as well)
7. Empty bottles of product. Can we put them in the trash already?
8. Bitches aka my boyfriend who uses my Noxema, I told him to use the Aveeno face wash.

Look, I'm not even that bad, I couldn't even think of 10. On to the clothes.

Blouse- I found for $6 at a vintage store that opened up by my house
skirt- in my shop, thrifted
shoes- thrifted and upcycled by me
purse- H&M, I couldn't resist it. watermelon is one of my fave foods of all time.

 Check out my comic book shoes. I decopauged them

 There is a Black Barbie and a White Barbie on these. No Teresa though. I'm getting her for my b-day. You will see. 

Close up of the fit. Thank you Azu for reminding me how to blog again. 

Love these vintage earrings I got from the Rose Bowl for a dollar. holler honey cucu!

well, look at that, a new pose.

I won't tell you what happened after my boyfriend took these pictures of me, since it's a family show and all. Let's just say he is not that put off by my complaints after all.


  1. Ha, I agree with every one of those complaints-they may as well be mine!!!
    Those HSOES! Amazing. Frigging love them!
    Jeez, motherhood has mad you more gorgeous than ever! XXX

  2. I am so SO glad you're back. The internet was a duller place without you. You look fantastic, your bebe looks like a future Happiest Person Alive competition winner, and I agree with each and every one of your shower annoyances.
    Betti x

  3. That outfit was working for me top ;) I need to be a copycat.

    I am a cat when it comes to showers. I totally agree, it's necessary but a complete waste of time. I have to drag myself to get in the shower every single day. I hate my dripping hair when I come out, I hate to lather lotion afterward and the other facial regimes that come with showering. Not to mention shaving. Ugh.

    Glad your shower was lucky, though.

  4. I need those shoes in my life!
    I've missed your sizzling hot good looks and your sparky wit! xxx

  5. Dammit those shoes are amazing!!!! What a fab decoupage job! I just hate bathrooms in general. I need to move to a hotel where a maid can do all the cleaning up once a day and I can stop frowning at all the yuck everywhere ... not my yuck of course, other people's ;) xoxo

  6. the husband says the same about me: i complain too much.
    these shoes are totally fun.

  7. My husband says the same thing. He said I would when America's Next Top Complainer. I told him to eat me. #rude

    I love your white polished nails and toes. I'm gonna have to get a pro to do mine, everytime I do it, they look a mess.

  8. Aren´t you wonderful. Me talking about decoupage and you make them, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Los quierooooooooooooooooo
    Yo siempre me dejo la toalla y el jabón fuera de la ducha, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Mil besos Sofia.
    Me alegra verte en la blogosfera.

  9. LOL! My boyfriend says I complain all the time too :) Why do they complain about complaints? We're obviously doing something right if they're still with us ;) for some serious shit. I'm lazy and I don't like to take the extra 1.57772838 seconds it takes to turn a bottle/container over and check the numbers at the bottom. Also...because I forget to do it. I don't buy plastic unless it says "BPA FREE". If I'm traveling, driving, or hiking, I fill up my stainless steel water container. I also have a plastic one from Cabella's that's BPA free (but I have no idea where I put it). Either that or I recycle glass containers (from Guayaki tea or coconut water). During the day, I fill up glass or ceramic water filters with filtered water.

    It's funny that you emailed me about filters because ours recently broke. LOL! It was awesome, but it only lasted 2 years. My boyfriend bought one from ProPur ( and it works really well. You can literally taste the difference. He got a good deal on eBay. I don't know about Brita. I don't want to discourage you from using it, but if it doesn't say that it filters out fluoride then it probably doesn't. Brands like to show off what their shit can do. Kind of like know?

    Good for you for trying to buy and eat better! It's hard not to eat meat all the time. I LOVE carne asada. A good alternative to that is bison meat. good. It's lean and doesn't have nearly as much fat as beef. Grass fed beef if hella good too!

    Thanks for making me laugh!! I know you don't post to specifically make Raven Locks laugh...but I needed it. I'm recovering from food poisoning. And my pajarita of 13 years died last Friday :( I had her since she was a baby. Hand fed her myself. I've been trying not to think about it.

    Ok, I have to go. I wrote a novel. It will probably scare your followers.


  10. I am the worst Frankenstein complainer ever!
    Love them Barbie comic shoes.

  11. haha, seems like you have a lot of shower pet peeves. Mine are refrigerator pet peeves- like finding rotten food that my husband wanted to keep, or empty cans of food. Lovely outfit, I love the color of your dress, and those shoes are killer!!!

  12. Sophia, I missed stopping by lovely to see your posts again and your new hairstyle is gorgeous on you! Honestly, you look incredible. Hope all is well with you and baby
    p.s give me that watermelon bag please, just chuck it across the atlantic to Ireland because I need it in my life!

  13. I am loving your new hair style! Glad to have come back to see you post again : )

  14. hahahaha STOP IT! you crack me up! I freakn' love it. LOL.
    I wish we lived in the same state and could meet up for coffee and complain about shit together. :)
    also, you are killing me with these DIYs! seriously, those shoes?! I want to make some... do you have a "secret DIY-ers unite" instagram too?! :)
    I feel like I need to complain more out-loud... i complain in my head a lot and then just hit something... I might hit things less if I complained out-loud more.

  15. the shoes are amazing - you blog is great, your outfits are lovely and you make me smile.


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