Saturday, June 29, 2013


 She's a very freaky girl. The kind you don't take home to mother. 

dress and shoes, thrifted
This post is a nevergram- a dress I'd never worn before these pics were taken. I have to say, the dress feels better than it looks. The open shoulders give me a sense of freedom, like I can't be bound by accessories, chokers, cameos, hoops, or rings. But then I download the pics and the dress seems #boring.

My niece, "You used to dress like Zenon, now you dress like a mom."

I still have my crazy costumes, don't unfollow me just yet. Wait till you see my red slip on slip I have planned for the 4th of July.

Till then, I'll be working on my Snooki body. Ordered some bootleg DVDs from a Craigslist Killer the other day. It they are legit, I should be looking like Snooki in no time. Snooki post shore and baby that is. It might be pure insanity, but I'll try anything once (except methamphetamines and select opiates).

Besos, bye.


  1. You look lovely hope babies ok you yummy mummy u! : )

    much love


  2. Lol! Yeh mom dressing happens - it's a time thing. We can't be magnificent 24/7.. Some people look like they can (WTF?!) but they must have nannies and a cook.

    YOu look ace .. I envy your post baby body!!

  3. Wowwwww! You look so different now, and it's a beautiful surprise.. You're amazing! Being a mommy gives you some good effects :D

  4. you look GREAT! i want to borrow the videos when you have no use for them after you achieve your snooki body.

  5. You still look frickin' gorgeous! xxx

  6. Are you trying to spoil us with these new posts? 'Cause if you are...I like it :)

    I think this dress is really really pretty! Maybe getting a close up shot of it would have shown off the true color and the dots a little better. But these pictures look perfect as is. I love your shoes too! You have an awesome figure...this dress looks amazing on you, hot mama.

    Please keep spoiling us lol.

    xo Azu

  7. Mamachota! I adore polka dot off the shoulder vestidos. No mas no empieses con los Mom jeans and pelo mas corto y estamos bien por ahorita.Pareses otra.


  8. You look chic and! That it!

  9. okay trust me, that dress is not boring. you look like the kind of mama that definitely rocks some amazing fashion with the greatest of ease.

  10. um, your curves make that dress anything but boring trust me! <3
    i think you look HAWT!


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