Saturday, June 15, 2013

I been low key


I'm hashtag humiliated for not blogging for so long. Thanks to everyone who still stopped by to say hi in my comments section under my CHRISTMAS post. oops. Once Easter came around, I almost blogged. I was going to make a joke about me blogging only on Christian holidays, but I couldn't even get myself to do that. It's not that I'm slammed all "oh Im a new mom and I can barely function," no, def not that bull. It's just I that I haven't had the ganas, the desire, to blog. Blogging filled some void I had in 2010. All my voids are now full, almost all of them.

I'm off work for the summer so here I stand. Black and white is a trend now? WTF? Those are my fave colors of all time. My next 2 outfits after this one will be in those colors- spoiler alert.

I'm still
- loving black and white
- losing my baby weight as slow as molasses, cause that's what it is molASSes
- living out of wedlock/in sin
- looking like a robot in my pics
- not loving police

Since I left ain't nothing changed.

We all have our absences, I feel like I'm so Dr. Dre the Chronic 2001 now.


What? Cause I've been in the lab, with a pen and a pad trying to get this damn Etsy shop off?

So where's all the mad bloggers at? It's like a jungle in this habitat. Is anyone still out there?

p.s. its all thrifted, except the baby, I made it with help.


  1. holy chic. she is so cute!! glad to see you back and rocking that bad ass hair style. and i mean, come on... anyone on the west coast in an automatic dre fan haha!

    glad youre back

  2. Glad you're back - missed your sassy sense of humour!

  3. UM YEH I'm still here!!! HI!
    You are looking fantastic and I missed your funny as hell posts.
    YOUR BABY= CUTENESS!!! Hope you're loving the ride!

  4. Lovely to see your beautiful face again! The catsuit rocks and baby is the image of her Momma! xxx

  5. You are looking awesome! Leo agrees.

  6. Good to see you back girlie. You look amazing and your baby boy is such a cutie!

    1. Seriously Sunny, boy???!!! I haven't heard from you so long that I forgot what you had. **shots fired*** lol. sorry girl.

      Missed your sarcastic humor!

  7. nice to see you're back in blogland! i really love your gorgeous catsuit! you look awsome ...

  8. Pinche te reinventaste! you be looking fine in your jumpsuit.Yo tambien ya me estoy enfadando de blogging. I'm so triste nada me alegrado.Sochil is so curiosita, love her shiny ojos!Now you both can modelar for us so, no excusas.I know ni modo ay pa la otra.

  9. LOL!! You're hilarious and I love it! I'm so glad you posted. I'm also glad that you've been fulfilled enough to not blog :) I have so many problems, that's why I love blogging so much. It distracts me from the puercadas of life. Is that how you spell puercadas?

    It's okay...I look like a robot in my pics too. But I prefer it that way. I ain't got no time to think of new poses. Shit's annoying. If any poses look good on my blog it's by accident.

    Thanks for the heads up on the white keds! Will the sand ruin them even if they're leather?? I hope not. I actually haven't washed them yet since I got back...ew.

    Anyway...missed you lots! I love your new hair cut. I really liked your old one too. But this is a great change. The color is perfect too!

    xo Azu

  10. Baby is not thrifted, really? Man...I was hoping I could get one without the "help" ;)

    You look great chika and yes, we need to make a cry out to all the bloggers, especialmente en el I.E.

  11. ugh your baby is too CUTE!!! she is killing me. so glad you're back. i love cracking up at the things you say. and your outfits rule. i hope you'll find the ganas from time to time to check in :) though i totally get it with the feeling fulfilled. welcome back hot mama!


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