Sunday, December 2, 2012

Xmas Card

Every time I try to get ready from start to finish meaning: shower, hair, and makeup, it is like a freaking Mexican tropical storm hits my room. Something breaks, I duct tape my carpet, I drop something behind my vanity and my daughter always manages to sh*t her diaper. On top of it all  I'm always on a time crunch because the sun goes down by 3pm so if we wake up at 10, 11ish on a Sunday, then we only have a couple of daylight hours to take pictures (we live in the mountains, in a canyon). This is what happened the day we chose to take Xmas pictures for our 1st holiday card (Im not that ignorant to send out a card that says "merry christmas" assuming everyone celebrates Christmas).

After briefly contemplating going to JC Penney or Sears, or somewhere professional, we just grabbed the tripod and drove down the hill out of the canyon where it stays light till 5. You know, regular civilization. Unfortunately a lot of other people were there doing the same thing. Fortunately we were the best dressed, because you know that matters in life.

I brought heels in Sochi's diaper bag but I decided not to fake the funk. Pulled this silk dress out of my closet. I'd never worn it before. It still had the tag on it $2.40.

My DIY cat shoes are still holding up!

"Your Spanx are showing, stupid."

Precious moment ruined by my car in the middle. I don't have Photoshop or Photoshop skillz.

And now some holiday cheer from my mother, a freestyle performance in the 99 cent store. She is a former Rockette, oh wait, that's Lindsay Loho's mom.


  1. Oh how I love your Spanx slip! And the shot of you and your daughter is so cute! Love those slippers too and your dress looks nice and comfy xx

    P.S. Liked this on Bloglovin ;)

  2. I absolutely LOVE it. lol. It shows personality. You and her are gorgeous!

  3. Great photo of you and your baby, even if the car was in the middle. Still very precious :)

  4. I need a lesson from your mom. Which 99 cent store is this and what time should I meet her there?
    your card is awesome! a well-dressed family in person. don't see that very often anymore. keep up the tradition for the sake of humanity, please.

  5. I too need photoshopping skillz. You + red+ silk + baby = one caliente Christmas.

  6. LOL! you are so bad ass! I love your red dress n' your darling babies Christmas dress!

    P.S. Feel Free to enter my contest to win a free clarisonic mia!!!

  7. I love your Christmas spanx showing vestido, littlr Sochil is looking cute in her Xmas cute vestidio , I I own a vestido like that.your mama is a roll cantando y bailando at la 99. I still have a bad cough that will not go away, when do you guys leave to las montanas~

  8. You are glorious, and your daughter such a present, wow

  9. lol I love these pictures and I love that you dont know how to use photoshop or own it because that picture iis adorable and you know what it will be a memory in its own right!


  10. awww, too cute! Can't believe sun goes down super early in your hood!!

    xo Carlina

  11. ay pero que adorable es tu bebe ;) oooh quiero una angelita así también ;) wow you have sunshine and heat and we have snow and cold weather;) hey we are shoe twins, well mine not DIY :( but cat flats rules ;)

  12. "Fortunately we were the best dressed, because you know that matters in life." LMFAO!!

    That sucks about the sun setting at 3pm. Half of the valley is like that over here. But...these pictures came out really good! That's such a kodac moment with your hijita :) Aw... She's so cute. And your hair looks PERFECT. No photoshop needed. I actually know enough of photoshop to edit out the car...maybe even put a unicorn in its place or some shit. But I never use photoshop. I'd rather keep it real when it comes to my bloggy. I'd feel like a cheater if I changed my pics.

    PS. Your momma is one funny lady. I get embarrassed when my mom dances. I would never record her LOL!

    Have a good weekend, beautiful!

  13. I love the colour of the dress. And the shoes are so cute, love them too.

  14. oh sophia, she is Adorable with a capital A! look at her wee smile! is it popular to take photos for a Christmas card? I don't think i've ever received one like that. You look fab, i love your earrings.
    Feel you on the less photographable daylight hours!

  15. FELIZ NAVIDAD, GUAPA! Just wanted to stop by and say hello :) Hope you and the family are good.

    By the way...did you guys get that crazy storm the other night? It was crazy!

    Stay warm :)



  16. Feliz Navidad y un maravilloso año 2013 para tí y tu preciosa familia.

  17. Well...hellloooo! :) Sorry it took so long to get back to you. For a while I was typing everything with one hand. My hand swelled up from an allergic reaction and I ended up going to the ER, then staying at the hospital for 3 days. It's much better now. Almost back to normal.

    Ok...prepare yourself. This is going to be lengthy. You may need a coffee break in between paragraphs lol. Your comment made me LOL literally. I do the same thing where I "visualize" outfits.

    As for the Sandy Hook thing... Did you get to see the murderer's photo? His facial expression is doing the EXACT thing that the Batman shooter did. I think he was on some kind of hard core pharmaceutical drug. It came out about a week ago that the Batman shooter was on a pharmaceutical drug. So I think that this recent one was too. It's also really weird that many adults and children reported that there were multiple did witnesses from the Colorado shooting. MOst of these mass shooters have been on prescription drugs. I think the media should focus on the war on prescription drugs instead of the war on guns. I don't know if this was an act of false flag terrorism, but I do know that certain puto-ticians "never let a good crisis go to waste." It's all just really sad. They exploit the victims and use them to push new laws and shit. And then the guilt trip you if you question anything! Ugh....

    PS. I had no idea you work at an elementary school! I want to be a teacher soon. I've been getting that weird feeling where I feel like I need to do that.

    Alright, I gotta go eat something. Hahaha! I'm hungry. Take care, pretty lady!



  18. Happy Hannukah. Thanks for not taking the whole christmas thing too far even though you are clearly a celebrator of Christmas. Actually, I am too but I like to play the Jew card whenever possible. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? I need to see more pictures of your lil' chicken nugget. I'm sorry if I refer to your child as a McDonald's menu item. I assure you it's a sign of great reverence and respect.

  19. Me encantan tus zapatos!!

  20. Thanks for your comment! I missed hearing from you :) I can't believe the shit that happened to is our world coming to? Well...I guess it's things like this:

    That article drove me crazy last night! I could not believe how stupid people are.

    And I don't think I'm going to share my artwork directly onto my blog. Unless it has something to do with fashion, I decided not to. I draw/paint 4-8 hours a day and my blog is like my little "escape" place. After this semester I plan to take my blog to a whole new level and make cute illustrations based on what I write about. Like, "three ways to wear it", etc. I want to be able to write more how I used to :( Wish I had more time.

    Have a good weekend, amiga :) Hope you and the fam are doing good!

  21. Sister!!! I was so confused when I started reading this. I was like-- wow, they're taking Christmas pix so early this year! You weren't kidding when you said you'd taken a break! The blogger world needs you, come back! And bring lots of pictures of that chiquitita of yours. It was so nice to hear from you the other day-- don't be a stranger!


  22. LOL! I love your comments. I thought of you when I posted my wolf picture. You had just asked me about posting my art :)

    How was your Easter? You NEED to get chickens! They are so awesome and funny. I bought only miniature/bantams. They're really cute and their eggs are tiny.

    Ok, I have to go to bed now. I've been sleep deprived for days. It sucks that the internet is so fun. lol KIDDING. Well not really...

    Happy Monday! :)

  23. I love love love the tenderness in your photographs! What a cutie!
    And this dress is to die for!
    You've been very misssed darling! can't wait to see your next post!


  24. Happy (belated) mother's day! :) Did you have a good weekend? I miss your posts, pretty lady. You don't have to comment back...I know you've got momma stuff to do. Just know that I haven't forgotten about my blogger amiga!

    Stay safe <3

  25. i want that dress!
    the shape and color flatter u.

    I absolutely adore your blog. Your style is great with wonderful pieces.

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  26. I love love love the tenderness in your photographs! What a cutie!fashion high-low dresses


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