Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Phat Baby

 dress- thrifted
jacket- thrifted
shoes- Reflection

One of my all time fave quotes and I dont even remember where I heard it is, "It's not baby phat, it's phat baby." So now that my st*tch*s were dissolved, it was time to get back to my work out regimen. I thought it would be easy since I stayed active during my pregnancy, walking on the treadmill for 40 min a day and lifting light weights. The day my water broke and I went into labor I had done the treadmill, I was also trying to induce my labor by walking cause I couldnt take being pregnant anymore even though I wasn't due yet. blah blah blah.

"You should be thanking me, I gave you the body of a woman" -My baby daddy.

So baby daddy took me down to the garage where we have our gorilla gym set up. I so did not want to be there. I forgot my headphones so we both had to listen to the Mariah Carey station on Pandora at the loudest volume while I sang along like a clown to "Honey" and "Heartbreaker." Everytime he looked over at me on the elliptical I would lick my lips and wink at him because I felt so sexy. Not. I just wanted to bother him cause I didn't want to be there.

Mom boobs.

It also works as a skirt.

After receiving an evil eye in return for my affection, I changed the station to TLC and dedicated "Unpretty" and "No Scrubs" to him. To which he replied, "Do they have I don't want no pigeons?" Finally my time on the elliptical was up (an elliptical that my mom bought during one of her insomnia spells from the home shopping network. We complained that it sucked and she blamed Nacho for not putting it together right. Then we looked up the reviews online and figured out that no, the machine just sucked. Who buys a piece of exercise equipment without looking it up first? Answer: my mom.) After I got off the elliptical I decided that working out without Sochi in my womb was a piece of cake. That's it, no more games, I was going to go hard. I brought out the jump rope. I don't think you want to know what happened next. It's something your faucet does, except my bladder was doing it. Is this why I was supposed to do Kegels? SNAP, this wasn't going to be easy. I exercised for a week and then fell off because of Halloween and Nacho getting food poisoning (he ate 3 chili cheese dogs, yeah). If he doesn't work out, I don't, plus I was tired cause he was stuck in bed and I was taking care of him and the baby. Now I'm back on the wagon again. This weight will only stay on as long as I let it. I had gained 15lbs the year before I got pregnant so I have a lot of work to do. This will not stop me from blogging and trying to express myself through style. I'm back on the outfit posting wagon.California Love,



  1. you look increbible congrats on the beautiful baby girl !!!


  2. You are SO gorgeous! And you make me laugh! I've got 5 bubbas worth of phat and still not shifting it much! lol

  3. you look sooo good! i was wondering if you were going to "leak," i hear that happens after giving birth. it happened to me in high school on a jumper so i guess we don't have to give birth to have that problem. keep working at it. my friend gave me shape mag with pink on it. i'll scan the workouts and send them to you so you can change your routine. "Body of a woman" and "mom boobs." hilarious! thanks for keeping it real.

  4. Hello beautiful!! Yep, that leaky faucet is a tricky one for sure dammit!! The Kegels help, but it's remembering to do them right? You're one hell of a yummy mummy and Baby Daddy sounds veeeeeeeeery happy:) xoxo

  5. ESTÁS MÁS GUAPA QUE NUNCA, radianta, ahhhhhhhhhhh

  6. Girl!! Love this sleek elongating looking dress on you- and dont even get me started on that fresh to death fringe jacket- I'll babysit for a week if you let me borrow... ;)

    Way to work that treadmill- I love a good old Mariah Carey station on pandora!

    xo Carlina

  7. "Everytime he looked over at me on the elliptical I would lick my lips and wink at him because I felt so sexy. Not. " -- This made me LOL!

  8. We've missed you!

    I know hard it is to get back on the weight training wagon. Believe me! YOu're doing awesome. good on you for starting : )

  9. You look gorgeous and you just made me smile. Thank you.

  10. oh such brutal and hilarious honesty, i nearly spat my tea out reading about the jump rope! you look as fabulous as ever, your skin just glows - i'd give anything for that glow instead of my pasty irish face radiating white all the time!

  11. You look frigging AMAZING!!!!
    gawd, I love those pix last post, too hilarious!

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  13. I really need to visit your blog more often because i seriously forgot how hysterical you are. Only thing missing?? The pic of you on the elliptical. Lol.

    You look great hun!!!


  14. you look amazing!!!! this striped dress is awesome .... what a fun post. :)

  15. stylish are you?? I like both looks, but the second one is my favorite. 90s sweatshirts have a special place in my heart. But so do fringes and leather. Ok, I change my mind. They're both equally my favorite looks. I also really like your hair! It's more raven-hued than mine. I'm a fraud :(

    You should make a peplum top! OMG...when I read your comment it reminded me of my mom again. I have two vintage peplum dresses that belonged to her.

    And what you said about your house being colder than outside...LOL! I feel you on that. It is WAY colder inside than out. I have to walk around in a fleece onsie ( sometimes. It has little dogs on the feet part. Come on, picture it. It's bright pink. I made my boyfriend buy one too. His has penguins on his feet.

    THanks for making me LOL with your comments, amiga! Your posts are also hilarious.

    I hope you and your family have a relaxing and amazing Thanksgiving Day!



  16. Mmmmm...that maix is so amazing! You look AMAZING. SO SEXI!



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