Tuesday, November 20, 2012

DIY circle skirt

I know what you're thinking, I look like an ice skater lost at a renaissance fair. At least that's what my family was thinking. Truth is, I'm a recovering bodycon skirt addict. I decided it was time to break out of this rut and what better way to do it than with my developing social  sewing skillz. I found some really great tutorials on Youtube for easy circle skirt patterns. All I had to do was measure my waist and divide it by 2 x pi. Math? Ugh havent seen you since high school when I took algebra 2 as a SENIOR and was tutored by a SOPHOMORE in my class. College didnt make me take math since I was a humanities major. Got to take computer science instead with all the other dum dums. Awww my golden years....

Lucky for me Halloween was just over so all the clown, uh I mean costume fabrics were on sale. And I purchased 3 yards of this crushed velvet stuff. 3 yards!!! Told you I was bad at math. 

If Gus Gus could do it...

black velvet bodysuit- thrifted
skirt- did you read the title?
over the knee boots- James Cash Penney aka "JCP"
necklace- made by me, in my Etsy shop

The only bad thing besides me messing up the hem by 14 inches here, 18 inches there, was that the fabric stretched a lot once it was cut but my Craigslist hired sewing teacher saved the day by telling me I could just add elastic to the waistband. Originally it was going to be a zipper. I wouldn't call it a work of art but it is wearable and boy did I tear up the town today by wearing it to: Staples, the post office, Target, Sushi, and Food 4 Less. This girl is on fiiiiiiirrrreee. Um not really. 

I am very proud and attracted to this crystal pendant necklace I made. No one wants to buy it though so I wear it. It's in my shop.  

It's a wonder how Weight Watchers has not called me yet for a post partum weight loss sponsorship. I would fit their Mexican vampire demographic so perfectly #theirloss.


  1. You are looking FLY!! And impressed! Sewing + baby? That's clever stuff! x

  2. Sophia, you look beautiful. I love your hair and it's so different to see you not pregnant...lol


  3. holla for diy skillz, work it girl, that necklace and skirt are dope, you should be super proud of them! And much love for James Cash Penny.

    xo Carlina
    p.s enter my $50 PIXI beauty giveaway

  4. Long time, no see! you are looking hot, lady, and how long and lovely does your hair look? xxx

  5. you are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. you remind me how important it is to celebrate all shapes and sizes. You are sized deliciousness.

  6. Your skirt is gorgeous! I think you did a great job (I am hopeless at sewing!!!), Skater-skirts are my thing! My Mum would like that pendant!

  7. yay! you're back for good. i wish i could pull off an awesome outfit like that by snapping my fingers. i love your hair and make and that necklace. good advertisment.

  8. Wow your skirt is amazing love it ! XX

  9. oh me too i´m absolutely mad about velvet lately!!! and that skirt is soooo fabulous, ice princess on medieval fair? maybe but for sure a very very fabulous one;)
    love and kiss,mary

  10. Well...hello gorgeous!

    Everything about this look is balanced and beautiful. I like that you're taking sewing classes! My mom sews and she's always telling me "I could have made that" every time I wear something new. Um...maybe she should have made it before I bought it??

    That bird print dress you were talking about on my blog...that's so funny you remember that because I was thinking of wearing it! I've been meaning to wear it for the past 2 weeks but the weather has been lame. My mom actually made that dress back in the 70s.

    Anyway...you look so pretty and fabulous...like usual. I LOVE that lipstick color! I want one like that :) I think I might copy you lol.



  11. I think you did a good job on the skirt. You look great in it.

  12. Wow, the last time I saw a skirt that awesome was on that actress...what was her name...? Oh yeah, Anne Hathaway ;-)

    Seriously though, colour me impressed. And you have post baby gorgeous hair, I liked that bit.


  13. Thank you for your comment!

    Cool outfit!
    Great job on the skirt!
    The Disney reference just made me hit follow,
    before I even finished reading this post!
    I am now following you on Bloglovin ;)


  14. Amazing skirt! I've been looking for a mad-awesome skater style one for ages but you've inspired me to take matters into my own hands. Now if I could only find my sewing machine...
    You are looking bloody CRACKING! I hope motherhood is treating you well - certainly looks like it is :)
    Also, v. nice pendant, but as you already know I lust over pretty much everything in your shop.
    Betti xx

  15. Thanks for the comment! I think she got her top at Saks 5th Ave, but I can ask her to be sure!

    Great blog, by the way! Your DIY's are great! Please feel free to stop by anytime and follow if you'd like... I'll follow you back, of course! Just let me know :)


  16. The simple fact that you were able to sew something that effectively hides your messy parts is equal parts humbling and mystifying. Also, is it just me, or is your hair looking long as fuck and fierce as hell?! maybe this vampire thing is a good look for you. Just add doc martens and a dog collar and you're ready to rock like it's 1997. THOSE were the golden years.

  17. You gotta love a DIY circle skirt! And I really adore your crystal necklace!

  18. Haha you areeee on fire! Amazing skirt girl, looks great so who cares how much math it took :p I found you on Instagram! X

  19. cute skirt ... love it's bright colour!

  20. Hey Sophia! I missed you too and thanks so much for stopping by my blog!! How is everything going with you?

    p.s. I cant believe no one bought that necklace yet, It's gorgeous!!


    Tamara B.

  21. You look fabulous! Motherhood really agrees with you. Great job on the skirt!

  22. OMG-- your posts crack my shit up.
    A. This skirt is awesome. Velvet is IN, gurl.
    B. Gus gus!!
    C. ummm... you look GREAT. totes #theirloss.


  23. Oh so you know what I'm thinking then? I'm thinking 'jayyyyyyyyysus didn't that hot wench just have a baby last week?'. Kerrrrrrist you are gorgeous and the beautiful skirt shows off your waist:)) xoxoxo

  24. Sophiata,
    Te quedo de maravilla la faldita, now you can go ice skateing de verdad.Tu pelo te queda lindisimo largo.eyeing that cuarzo necklace.

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    I am interested in the Velvet Shirt and skirt
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