Thursday, December 23, 2010

Riverside Muthaf*cka

Cierra and I have decided that we are straight edge stoners. We sit in her room late at night, listening to music about weed, and we paint. We are stoners that don't smoke. My stoner like behavior has been brought even more to my attention lately by my tendency to make lists in notebooks, then leave the notebook in my car or somewhere I cant get to it as thoughts run in and out of my mind. The result is anxiety and more hours of wondering what I have to do then actually doing it. hijole. Xmas is a bunch of stress.

So, as we were sitting there painting I decided I wanted boba. "Its 9:30pm," said Cierra. "Boba cafe in Riverside is open till 2am," I replied back. Well at least it was open till 2am, 4.5 years ago when I lived in Riverside and before the recession closed down half the joints I used to frequent. "Im down if you pay for my gas," and we were off. I was very excited to visit the city of my college years and excited by our night adventure since I have been watching a lot of these stoner movies where stoners go on adventures to seek out something i.e. Harold and Kumar. This movie was called Sophia Sierra and Cierra (earlier in the day we had been called 'cierra and sierra' by my brother-in-law as we took a nap together after dinner in a twin bed listening to chill lounge music).

We got to Boba Cafe in under 30 minutes, it was still there and I ordered my drank. The people looked the same as they did when I lived there, and the furniture the same as well. I then made Cierra drive me around the campus while I told her stories of my wild youth before I settled down and became the decent baby mama I am today. Just kidding, kinda, not really.

Thai iced tea para mi.
Cierra no like the boba but she likes me, thats all that matters.
No one ever sits here. Ever.

 Im surprised this hoodie survived the washing machine. iron on transfers=drama.
Our workshop, the artist at work. 

Our first night of painting we were supposed to paint those dominoes but we got crzy and were painting those boards. It was the first time I painted ne thing in my life and I still didnt paint, I just wrote words in colors. We were listening to hip-hop, hence the "tr*ck *ss b*tch" and then the music calmed and I turned to hearts. The dominoes had to be painted cause the white paint was scratching off and I cant be selling that to people.

Sorry I didnt color my eyebrows in. 

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  1. haha, i love your Erykah Badu quote: "Keep in mind that I'm an artist, and I'm sensitive about my ish."
    you look very nice, i want you to know that i just found your blog and i am enjoying the imagery and the content. I will check back to see it soon.

    happy new year to you! i hope 2011 is wonderful for you


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