Thursday, December 9, 2010

All I need is one sweater

It is the 9th day of Xmas and maybe some of you have already lost your wits and self-control. By this time you have gift giving anxiety induced insomnia and are binging on your advent calendar chocolate aren't you? 'Oops, looks like I popped open tomorrow's window too, guess I gotta eat it now.' I cant even handle a weekend of planning a craft fair and going to see the Nutcracker. My hair is getting grayer by the minute as you can see in the following photos.

So on the 9th day of Xmas, my sweater gave to me: 3 flowered headbands, 1 pair of legwarmers, 1 emo bow, and some left over beaded flowers and leaves.

I bought this sweater at the thrift store envisioning great headbands. I was really surprised with all I was able to make and even cut the arms off and made leg warmers with them. I hand sewed the flowers to strips of the sweater and added elastic to the leg warmers (which is too tight on one leg but Ill have to adjust that later). I was just experimenting anyways. It was hard to photograph the headbands, and my hair was a hot mess in need of some major paintage but I had to get this freakin blog done. "Oh come let us adore me," my dad said as my mom and I set up the shoot. He thinks Im on drugs. He confronted my mom telling her I have been acting strange lately and she told him I had just started my period and things should smooth out soon.

I have been acting strangely. I feel like my days are filled with highs and lows. There is some magnetic imbalance between my North and South poles. I came into some money today but was sad to see how expensive flights are to Mexico City for when I want to go. I was happy with all the John Lennon coverage on TV for the anniversary of his death, but I was annoyed with hearing Celine Dion sing "Imagine" on Larry King Live. I told my mom, "If I hear one more person say that 'Imagine' is their fave John Lennon song, Im going to run a naked lap around this gated community." I then turned off the t.v.

Imagine there's no Celine Dion...That's my fave song.

Sweater before pic. I found those dolls under my bed. Anyone remember what cartoon they were from? Please comment or email me!

Headbands up close and bow.

dos flores- translation 2 flowers. ooohhh.

one flower- Rosie trying to show me how its done.

Sweater bow

It's not nalga, it's thigh! Check out my sweet shoes. 2 dollars or less, me no remember.

They were sweater sleeves hehe. Im so tricky.

I really should be banned from the Salvation Army. Look what I bought. OMG. An airplane! Rosie said, "You look like Marianne." Marianne is one of my b.f.f.s Ill introduce you to her some blog (day).

Rosie brought out the props and told me to sip it. I chugged it cause I was thirsy. oops. Thicker band with flower and leaves.

The sweater after

Happy Thursday yall. Hope I can survive my anxiety through the weekend. Big besos desde California.


  1. You could make a sweater vest with what's left. Maybe incorporate the airplane.

  2. Omg. I love you Sally. soooo highlarious.

  3. I like the inhailer on the bed next to the dolls.

  4. Such a good idea :) love the sweater headband!

    Daisy from Luxe Rose


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