Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pin up contest with Veronica Glam

In this episode of  Mexican and Pregnant, Sophia goes to see her friend Veronica Glam in her first ever pin up contest at Big Boy in Norco. She invites her friends Maricela and Leo along for the adventure.

Yup, still pregnant. My Vans didn't fit! booo.
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Aren't they classy? She placed 2nd. Her dress is from Stop Staring. Isn't it gorgeous? 

Loved her poses. 

 Our baby daddies. Maricela's and mine.

This is what my model looks like off duty. I know, right?

Then we went inside to eat. I didn't know that Big Boy was a sit down place! I thought it was fast food. We ended up eating dinner and chatting and missing the end of the contest. But it's all good cause I still got some cool pics of the day. No more Lazy Gaga blogger for this girl! Stay tuned for the next episode.


  1. Interesting proposals and handling of colors and textures.

  2. You look so teeny and cute in these pictures, you are the most beautiful pregnant woman I've ever seen, I swear! x

  3. Looks like a fun day - you sure are a glamorous bunch. You know that the eating is more my scene than the posing!

  4. Nice blog dear!

  5. You know chaparras rule right!
    Andas cerca de mi barrio.
    Mmm the food is good there ,but to carero that's why I never go there.

  6. You look adorable, and so do these lady friends! Can't believe you still haven't birthed that baby! Can't wait to see some baby outfits!


  7. chili cheese spaghetti. i regret not getting it. soon, very soon.

  8. hahaha mexican and pregnant! i love the olive green dress that's so cute :) the little restaurant is so cute! x

  9. ya mero, ya mero! Soon you'll have your baby in your arms :) Looks like such a fun day! Thos dresses are HAWT.


  10. The stop Staring dress is super cute and girl you look like youre ready to pop! ;)

  11. I would so watch Mexican and Pregnant. Beautiful ladies and the scenery in your pictures looks like an Americana Vogue shoot.

  12. wooow those ladies are both beautiful and i want their dresses;)
    que tal tu bebe;) ya viene prontito no?;)
    un beso mary

  13. heyyy sweetness! gahh, no baby yet?! i need to see this little mexican baby pronto! you look darling and your friends are gorgeous! if i had that body id be in that contest, too ;-) hope you are well sweet face! youre so cute preggers! i see babies and beautiful pregnant ladies at my work all the time and it makes me sick, but in a good way. like baby fever sick. haha =) you need to let me know when you have this baby so i can send you a gift ;-) talk to you soon lover!

    xx, james

  14. Ooh I love Stop Staring. I have the biggest infatuation with the 40s through 60s. So anything from or inspired from that era has a special place in my heart :) Even my car is vintage!

    I see you like car shows, huh? Ever go to Hot August Nights? It's next week!

    In response to your comment, I am really against boundaries in art until you're in college. How the F are you supposed to learn to explore your talent when you are so confined by what these teachers tell you?? I can't believe she made you redraw a bunny. LAME! I was actually thinking of making a drawing of a unicorn and sending it to my teacher. LOL!

    PS. You and your friends are too pretty! Have a great weekend, hot mama :)



  15. great this post honey, nice photoos!


  16. buenas fotos! :) seriously, you should have made a vlog about "mexican and pregnant"! would have been a hit! hehehe..y cuado lei "next episode" I read it in the voice of Dr.Dre! hahahahaa :/

  17. I love all the pinup style you ladies have!

    Hybid Hunter

  18. So beautiful and lovely pics. good collection.
    Parfum pas cher

  19. I'm breathing a great big sigh of relief right now because I've been a very very bad blogger and worried you'd popped out your little burrito already without my having noticed. You look about cooked. Can't wait for the blessed event. I promise not to be MIA.

  20. everyone looks amazing! sounds like a great day!


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