Monday, February 6, 2012


Since my baby daddy and I are on a spending freeze, we did a bunch of free activities this weekend. Saturday was free museum day in Sacramento so he took me to the Crocker Art Museum. He goes there all the time but I'd never been there so we checked it out with the other 712 cheap people that decided to go there on this day. There were a lot of people, but it was fun and free.

I wore this thrifted red blazer for the first time yay! I also decided it was time to bust out my J.C.'s again. BIG mistake. I had blisters on my outer toe, on the bottom of my foot, and could barely walk getting out of there. My baby daddy had to go get the car while I stood on the sidewalk barefoot and waited for him. I think my feet are just not used to heels right now cause all Ive been wearing is flat boots.

Don't judge. What face would you make if 400 people were walking by all looking at you? All my items are thrifted except my shoes which were my b-day present. 

This was the most awkward and embarrassing shoot of my life. There were so many people walking around and I swear they were all staring at me. My boyfriend said, "Who is staring at you Sophia? That baby in the car?" Oh geez, it was a mess. 

After this, we went to an overrated cafe for lunch and he had to carry me from the car to the cafe. I mustered up enough energy to check out Fringe, a store Citizen Rosebud always talks about on her blog.  When I got there guess who was there? La Citizen Rosebud herself! Bella Q!! It was my first celebrity sighting in Sacramento. She was sooo nice and full of knowledge. She gave me a lot of blogging advice. Too bad we were on a freeze, cause there are a lot of nice things in that store, including a leopard cape. I may have not spent a dime, but I made a new friend. awwww.



  1. oh i love your bright red blazer and your amazing maxidress!!! red loves you, you look so gorgous!
    and i know what you mean about 1000 people looking at you haha, but don´t care about it, you have to get used on it when you are famous haha
    love and kiss,mary

  2. i love free activities! you are so hilarious! i lovee your getup! that red blazer is hot; i want one :) i used to get so anxious when i take blog photos but, now i dont care :) i'd love to visit the Crocker Art Museum one day! i'm taking an art class (i cant draw to save my life) and it'd be cool to go! hope youre having a great day sweetie!!

  3. LOL! I don't like it when people stare. But to be fair, I'm sure they were staring at how pretty you are. And at that jacket! Your whole outfit is lovely. I also LOLed at your "celeb sighting." I have yet to see a blogger celeb out in public. I always miss them. I find out after they take pics that they were in the same area that I live.

    Did you try out the Mexico thing when you talk on the phone? I swear, the weirdest shit happens to me. Last week, before I told you about that call, this guy dropped his pants in front of me when I was running. Like, underwear and all. He acted like it was an accident but I am positive that he did it on purpose either to a) be a perv or b) he was going to take a shit. I choose b.

    Have a good monday, aquarius-loving amiga :)

  4. Irala parece que salio de celebrity courthouse, where yo shades at?
    I always hate audiences looking at me while my picture is being taken.
    Your doing one of my boot sale caras,lol
    That was nice ofNachio carrying you, i always wear the wrong shoes
    Love your red blazer and maxi dress, your glowing amor.
    Oye cuidado con esos zapatones! I could take them off your hands.
    You met la ciudana Bella? Thats amazing! I bet she was super cool and friendly.
    Love her style and sason.

  5. You look great! Who cares who's gawking at ya! Hope your feet have recovered lol. At least you've got a man who actually takes photos of you. Mine can't/won't! (Mainly because I give him too many directions and he hasn't an artistic bone in his body - bless!) x

  6. i love those shoes! too bad they weren't your friend. i wish leo could carry me. that's why i carry chanclas in the car, the only reason, actually, because he'll just watch me walk in pain.

  7. Vives cerca de Sacramento??? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Tengo que ir pronto a visitar a unas cuantas bloggers de la zona y por supuesto la ciudad de mi nombre.Fingers crossed!!!
    Estás guapísima con ese vestido de flores.

  8. Give me that leopard cape! And how cool to meet a celeb - yay for you!
    You made me laugh with your shoes = that defo happens when your feet are used to flats (or in my case, socks in winter!). Great blazer too :)

    Sadie xx

  9. Thanks for your comment! Your outfit is beautiful. I love it. You have a great sense of fashion, so I'm following you now :)

  10. You are too funny! I love your classy outfit and I wanna come over adn steal your shoes, crippling or not they rock my world. x

  11. funny!!! that dress is so nice, and those shoes are to die for!!! Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  12. So pretty! Love this look on you! The dress is amazing!

    PS. We've a DORIS giveaway on our blog! Check it out!

    ox from NYC!


  13. ahahaa me encanta leer tus posts amiga! i know what you mean when you think todo el mundo te seta viendo..y solo pas an 2 husband makes fun of me for that too :P peru they are not the ones modelando,right? ahaha..who is bella q? rosebud??

  14. Aw lucky you to meet Bella, I've met no bloggers, was hoping to meet La Prosti Dama herself but but looking a bit less likely. Just employ a couple of guys in suits and sunglasses to hang around you at all times as 'security', people will just assume you're a Kardashian or something.

  15. awww poor feeties. I went to Crocker for the first time in high school, it was pretty neat. I love red on you. You look great!

  16. Ah, Sophia I was just thinking about you today! It was so nice to meet YOU! You are such a beauty and lovable at that. Can't wait to see you and your handsome Nachos, again! xo. Bella Q

  17. ha ha 712 cheap people.That comment cracked me like a fun day apart from your poor feet hurting.That happens to me all the time now in heels.I'm always either barefoot or in my converse or flats.xx


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